5 Ways to Prepare Your Summer Bikini Body

If you’re dying for the warmer weather but not so keen on flashing that pasty winter flesh, we’ve got good news. With a little help from your friends (that’s us!), plus some simple lifestyle changes, you CAN ditch your sloppy sweaters and slip back into shape.

And you don’t have to bust your ass doing it. Here are 5 super-easy ways to start prepping that summer bikini bod in just 28 days. And feel totally amazing!


Or in other words, Just Eat Real Food. If you want to look banging in your bikini, cut the crap, bin the biscuits, and toss the junk food in the trash. Instead, concentrate on eating real whole foods – including plenty of leafy greens and colourful veg, nuts and seeds, good fats, and lean proteins. You’ll lighten up and have loads more energy, too!

Do a detox with a difference

For the perfect summer kickstart, teatox. SkinnyMint’s Detox Bundle offers awesome value by combining the best-selling Ultimate 28 Day Teatox and Super Fat Burning Gummies in one convenient bundle. Taken together, you’ll supercharge your bikini body prep!

The Teatox includes the delicious fruity Morning Boost tea, which helps energise the body and manage cravings, and the detoxifying Night Cleanse tea, which flushes out the body and reduces bloating.

Meanwhile, the Super Fat Burning Gummies are your sugar-free, fat-blasting friends! Your new fave morning snack, the espresso flavor Power Up Gummy is formulated with Green Coffee Bean. Scientific research has shown Green Coffee Bean can boost resting metabolic rate, drive weight loss and fat loss, and reduce fat absorption.

Come afternoon, the pineapple flavor Hunger Buster Gummies banishes hunger pangs. They’re formulated with power ingredient Garcinia Cambogia, which has been shown to drive weight loss and fat loss.

Move that body

If you want to lose it, you’ve got to move it. Simple. While what you eat is the most important thing when it comes to losing any stubborn weight, exercise is the only way to tone and shape that booty. Keep in mind that cardio may shed pounds, but mixing it up with strength training helps maintain muscle and keep your metabolism firing. 

Stress less

Stress is a real issue that impacts your physical and mental health, so it needs to be managed. Too much stress can put a strain on your relationships, and impact your sleep and diet. And constantly high levels of stress hormone cortisol contribute to excess belly fat. Argh!

Try to manage stress with yoga or meditation, treating yourself to a long hot bath, or doing whatever it is that helps you chill. Show yourself a little self-care, ladies!

Sleep more

To look and feel your best, sleep is super important. If you’re getting insufficient zzzs, or your sleep quality is rubbish, your energy levels and concentration will suffer. You’ll also be less likely to stick with your morning workout, and make poor food choices. So, skip the PM caffeine and turn off your devices an hour before bed!

Check out the SkinnyMint’s Detox Bundle  to save 20% off Teatox and Gummies!

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