3 Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite

If there’s one thing sure to bum a girl out, it’s catching sight of those not-so-cute derrière dimples. Yup, cellulite sure is a pain in the butt (or hip, belly, thigh)! But that doesn’t mean you have to hang up your hot pants and crop top!


With healthy habits and some dedication, cellulite CAN be a thing of the past. Here’s your 3-step plan for ditching the lumps and bumps. So long, suckers!

• Drink Up

According to the Mayo Clinic, the lumpy appearance of cellulite is created by fibrous connective tissue as well as fat. Largely genetic (thanks, Mom!) and predominantly found in women (cheers, Dad!), a healthy lifestyle can still help smooth things out.

Keeping hydrated helps with weight management, flushes out toxins and improves the appearance of orange peel skin. Water’s too boring? Sip on sugar-free herbal teas like SkinnyMint instead. The Morning Boost blend boosts energy and helps banish sweet cravings, while the Night Cleanse helps to gently and naturally cleanse and detoxify the body.

 • Self-Massage

To break down bumps, one of the very best ways is using the Cellulite Cup*. This clever silicone cup creates a suction on the skin, and can be used to massage your problem areas – legs and thighs, hips, tummy, buttocks or triceps – to break down fatty deposits and eliminate toxins.

Here’s how it works.

Apply oil-based lotion or body oil – you want it to easily slip and slide to avoid bruising – squeeze the cup to create a vacuum, then apply to your target area. Then simply slide back and forth, side to side, spending 5-8 minutes on each treatment zone. The time spent will depend on the size of the area, and degree of lumpiness.

Used 3-4 times a week, results should start to appear after 3-4 weeks, with max results at 6 weeks. Once results are obtained, all that’s required is 1 session a week to maintain results!

And guess what? We’re giving away a FREE Cellulite Cup with every Anti-Cellulite Detox Bundle purchase. But be quick! It only lasts for a limited time only!

• Move More

While spot-reducing cellulite can be tricky, reducing body fat overall can also have some benefit. So, make sure you’re combining a healthy, unprocessed diet with plenty of exercise!

As well as keeping you fighting fit, working out helps boosts circulation. And this increased blood flow to your trouble zones can help improve cellulite. Plus, exercise is a proven confidence booster, so you won’t give a damn about the odd booty dimple!

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