The 10 Benefits of Tea

Not a tea drinker? Maybe it’s time to reconsider. From clearer skin to better digestion and the best night’s sleep ever, tea has long been hailed for its many amazing benefits. And it tastes pretty darn delicious, too!

If you still need more convincing before boiling the kettle, here are just 10 of the endless benefits of drinking tea. Now, who’s ready for a cuppa?

1) It Keeps You Hydrated

We all know how important good hydration is for glowing skin and general health and wellbeing. So, if drinking boring old water feels like a chore, sipping a cuppa or three is a delicious hack to hit your daily H20 target.

2) It’s Full of Antioxidants

Sun, stress, pollution, late nights – modern living can take its toll and lead to free radical damage. Meaning? Premature aging and, potentially, poor health. Thankfully, many teas are packed with antioxidants to help neutralise these free radicals. Fruity and delicious, SkinnyMint Morning Boost blend boosts antioxidant power from green tea, dandelion AND nettle leaves. Keeping you looking young and feeling great!

3) It Aids Digestion

To keep things, um, moving along, staying hydrated is super important. Some common tea ingredients can also help, relieving constipation and reducing bloating, gas and tummy pain. SkinnyMint Night Cleanse is specially formulated to cleanse the body and promote digestion. Power ingredients include ginger root and peppermint, natural digestive aids with anti-bloating benefits, and natural laxatives senna leaf and psyllium husk.

4) It Reduces the Risk of Disease

If you want to keep your heart healthy, all signs point to tea. Green and black tea are believed to reduce heart disease risk, while green tea is high in cholesterol-lowering catechins. Studies also reveal drinking tea may lower your risk of stroke.

5) It Helps You Sleep

While you should avoid caffeinated drinks in the evening, sipping on herbal tea can help you drift off. Choose teas with soothing ingredients to relax the body and help your busy mind unwind. As well as detoxifying, Night Cleanse promotes better sleep with orange leaves and lemongrass.

6) It Gives You Energy

On the flip side, teas with caffeine can give you just as much of a boost as your morning cup of Joe. Without the added calories of milk or cream. Morning Boost contains naturally energising guarana fruit, yerba mate and green tea to get you up and at ‘em.

7) It Helps You Manage Your Weight

If you’re not adding milk or sugar, your cuppa is literally calorie- and guilt-free! So, consider swapping that juice or soda for herbal tea to shed some pounds. Often, sipping on a fruity, sugar-free herbal tea is all you need to satisfy that sweet tooth! Ingredients like yerba mate also help curb appetite and boost the metabolism, while green tea accelerates fat burning, and guarana promotes weight loss.

8) It Promotes Clear Skin

Good news for acne sufferers: certain teas can reduce breakouts by boosting circulation and flushing out toxins. The hawthorn berries found in Night Cleanse help with circulation and digestion, while the lemongrass has powerful antibacterial properties that can ease acne flare-ups.

9) It Can Relieve Period Pain

Instead of reaching for the chocolate when your next period rolls around, try sipping on herbal tea. Ingredients such as licorice root (found in Night Cleanse) can help soothe those painful menstrual cramps. Without giving you spots.

10) It Reduces Stress & Anxiety

There is something deeply calming about sipping on tea, particularly if it’s packed with the right ingredients. Found in Night Cleanse, lemongrass is a natural (and yummy) relaxant, while hawthorn berries help relieve anxiety.

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