How Amy Transformed Her Post-Baby Body With SkinnyMint

30-year-old Amy from Boston loves everything about being a mom, apart from one thing – as a single mom, she’s really struggled to find time to get back into shape. In fact, she admits that ever since having her 2-year-old daughter, she’s hated her body.

“Hi, I’m Amy!” Scroll down to watch her video testimonial

Amy decided to give SkinnyMint a try, even though she was skeptical about it working. She was pleasantly surprised with her results – which I’m sure you’ll all agree are super amazing! Follow her journey below.

Amy hated her post-baby body and tried to cover up in photos. 

Amy is so proud to be a single mom to beautiful Chloe, but she wasn’t proud of her body.

“In the last 6 months, I’ve really noticed that I’ve just gotten fat. I might not look like I’m fat, but if you saw me before, and you saw me even 2 months ago, you know, I’ve gained a lot of weight… I notice now that whatever I eat, it shows.”

Amy decided it was crunch time, and a teatox was in order.

She was really excited to try the SkinnyMint teatox, but she had some hesitations. “I was also very skeptical if I’d get the results I saw in testimonials or pictures on Facebook or things like that.” However, she wasn’t disappointed!

“SkinnyMint really pushed me to be a healthier person. It gave me the motivation that I needed, it really kicked me into gear.”

Spurred on by her teatox, Amy also found the time and energy to exercise more – nothing crazy, just some at-home exercises and some walking around a nearby lake – and clean up her diet a bit.

By her own admission, Amy’s not the healthiest of eaters, but SkinnyMint encouraged her to make some healthy changes.

Since finishing her teatox, Amy’s junk food cravings are gone!

“I actually am also surprised that those types of cravings haven’t come back since I stopped the teatox. So that’s helpful. That will hopefully lead into my next course of doing the teatox in 4 – 6 weeks.” That’s right – Amy loved her teatox so much, she’s planning to continue her detox journey with another SkinnyMint teatox!

And her body changed visibly during her teatox.

Amy never weighed herself before or after her 28-Day SkinnyMint Teatox – she doesn’t even own scales – but she says her results were visible. And we agree!

“I feel good, I am comfortable in my own skin again, and I’m excited to keep It going. I was so bloated before, so seeing myself with pretty much a flat stomach afterwards, that’s huge.

Amy’s transformation from her post-baby body.

As for that laxative effect…

The gentle laxative of the Night Cleanse tea didn’t bother her at all.

“I was really nervous because I do have severe IBS, so I was wondering how my body would handle the teas. I was very surprised that it didn’t throw me off guard. It was gentle enough where it didn’t affect me.”

She recommends a teatox to anyone, especially moms.

Amy says a teatox is great for “moms who don’t have the time, the energy, or anything like that to step it up and take care of their bodies. This SkinnyMint Teatox gives you the opportunity to work on your body, without doing much of anything else. It gets rid of that extra bloat.

Amy is on her way to regaining her pre-bub body with SkinnyMint. Give it a go and make sure you share the results of your 28 Day Teatox with us, too!

*Everybody type is different, so results experienced may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.

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