Cómo este bebé rompió sus metas del cuerpo con SkinnyMint

Aussie mega-babe Siti (hello, she’s Miss Earth Most Photogenic 2015!) is not one to just sit around and wait for things to happen. So, when she wanted to shape up a little more, she added SkinnyMint into her already active lifestyle.
The 22-year-old model and student, who lives in sunny Brisbane, tried the 28-Day Teatox, and shared a snap of her amazing results with this kick-ass piece of wisdom, “Destiny is for losers. It’s just a lame excuse for letting things happen to you instead of making it happen.” Amen, sister! Read on for Siti’s SkinnyMint story.
Siti is a busy student and part-time model.

I’m studying a Bachelor in Communications and model/talent for brands or promo work.” And in her spare time, she loves to cheer for fun!

Siti says she doesn’t feel pressured to stay in shape because of modelling. But she earns an income from it, so she admits it’s an incentive for her to keep a fit physique.
Siti turned to SkinnyMint to detox after lots of partying.

A detox tea is a good way to cleanse your body from all that overindulgence

 If you’re a bit of a party gal, a SkinnyMint teatox is a super easy way to cleanse your body and make up for all that overindulging.

“I’m a huge party-goer, so I do consume a lot of alcohol or junk while I’m partying, so I really needed something to flush it all out,” says Siti. She’d seen SkinnyMint on social media, so decided to give it a go when travelling through Europe. (That’s dedication!)
Siti liked the way it got things moving in the morning. And her flatter tummy!

Siti loves the flat tummy feeling after her SkinnyMint detox

“I like that it helps me get done with the morning business faster so I can go about my day earlier!” She enjoyed the Morning Boost tea the most, even though it was replacing her beloved coffee. She also loved seeing her abs as the tea flushed her out!
And it’s not just Siti. In the latest survey, 83% of SkinnyMint customers agreed the Night Cleanse flushed them out, with 91% saying they felt less bloated!

She’d recommend SkinnyMint for a healthy kick-start.

“I would recommend it if you’re having trouble going to the toilet every morning, or have an unhealthy amount of daily water intake,” she says. Siti’s definitely considering another SkinnyMint Teatox when she needs a kickstart again!

Feeling unhealthy, sluggish and in need of a kickstart? Order your SkinnyMint 28-day Ultimate Teatox today. And make sure you share the results with us, too!

*Each body type is different, so results may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.

SkinnyMint Inspiration August 7, 2017

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