4 razones para intentar SkininoMint’s 14-Day Teatox

Want to do a teatox but not sure what to expect? Here’s a suggestion: try the 14-day SkinnyMint program first. It’s simple, low-commitment and super easy to stick to. Come on, people, it’s just two weeks!

In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll love it so much you’ll be jumping online to buy the 28-day Ultimate Detox straight after! Still hesitating? Here are four awesome reasons to try SkinnyMint’s 14-Day Teatox. 

1. You’re going on holidays in 2 weeks!

(credit: @theblondevagabond)

Left the bikini body plan a bit too late? Don’t panic – you don’t necessarily need a full month’s prep. A 14-day SkinnyMint teatox will make you feel loads more confident on the beach! Says one 14-day customer, “This tea gave me the motivation needed. I’ve never been so confident in my whole life!” So quit stressing and get sipping.

2. It’s low-commitment

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Got major commitment issues? Don’t know what you’ll be doing tomorrow let alone in a whole month? The 14-day teatox is the perfect option for commitment phobes, and all you need to kickstart your health goals.

3. You’re totally broke till next payday

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Been there, babes! If you’re too broke to commit to the 28-day program right now, the 14-day teatox is an affordable and easy way to get started. Two weeks is all it takes to feel healthier, more energised and less bloated! You’ll also find it easier to kick your sweet cravings and form good habits.

4. You’ll love it!

(credit: @shelly_chelle_)

Once you see how easy SkinnyMint is to use, how delicious it tastes and how great it makes you feel and look, you’ll fall in love! Many customers can’t get enough of the SkinnyMint effect! “My stomach is flatter and my bloating has gone down a lot as you can see in the picture! I already ordered my 28 days teatox!!! SkinnyMint is amazing!” says Steffy. Another happy customer said, “SkinnyMint is the real deal! In 14 days I finally saw my abs again!” 

So what are you waiting for? Order your 14-Day SkinnyMint Teatox today!

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