4 razones para tratar SkinnyMint este verano

The thought of rocking a bikini right now got you sweating bullets? Then maybe it’s time to put down that bag of chips, cancel Netflix and get your jiggly butt back into gear for summer!

The easiest way to bag yourself a bangin’ beach bod? A SkinnyMint teatox of course! Here are four reasons you gotta get on board the teatox train, like yesterday.

1. You want a flat tummy, finally

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Belly like jelly? Winter’s over so there’s no need to hold onto that blubber to keep you warm at night. A teatox will help your tummy look and feel a whole bunch flatter! SkinnyMint’s all-natural detox teas help flush you out, kicking belly bloat’s butt in the process. 91% of customers felt less bloated with SkinnyMint!

2. You partied too hard at Coachella

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Yas queen! If you’ve been partying like a bad-ass b**ch (been there, done that, bought the t-shirt), summer’s the time to repent. Luckily, there’s not much damage SkinnyMint’s Night Cleanse blend can’t undo! With peppermint, lemongrass, senna leaves, licorice root and more, it naturally cleanses the body. Plus, it also makes you super chill before bed.

3. You developed a Unicorn Frapp addiction

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We won’t judge, but seriously?* Algae as an ingredient, really?! If you want a drink that doesn’t taste like ass and is actually good for you, put down that technicolor nightmare and get on board with SkinnyMint. Tasty, natural (no artificial rainbow here, babes), and easy to use, SkinnyMint’s your second chance to do things right. So, throw that rainbow rubbish where the sun don’t shine and make a fresh and healthy start this summer!

*(kidding, we’re totally judging!)

4. Bikini season has arrived

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Bikini season. The two grossest words in the English language, amirite?! Never fear ladies, SkinnyMint’s got your back… and your booty. With a yummy fruity taste, the Morning Boost tea helps kick your cravings, so you can make better life decisions all day long. What’s more, 82% of customers who lost weight on their SkinnyMint teatox lost more than 4 pounds. #shutupandtakemymoney

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