7 Simple Swaps to De-Bloat in a Day

There’s nothing like a bad case of bloating to make you feel awful and uncomfortably stuffed. Some days it just seems to come from nowhere! But you don’t have to hide out in your baggy pants – bloating CAN be beaten.

If you struggle with a sore and sorry tummy, here are seven easy lifestyle swaps to beat bloating in just a day. What have you got to lose?

1. Swap your sleep-in for yoga

Doing yoga is a great way to detox your body.

Beat belly bloat with detox yoga (credit: @aeriallynn)

There’s nothing like exercise to kick start your body’s cleansing and digestion processes! Any exercise will help, but yoga can’t be beat. The twisting poses in particular are great for massaging your organs and detoxing the body.

2. Swap breakfast on-the-run for mindful eating

Chew on your food slowly to avoid bloating.

Slow down your eating, or watch your tummy blow up. (credit: @ohhcouture)

If you wolf down your breakfast in a hurry, you’ll likely eat too much. And swallow a whole heap of gas-inducing air! Slow down, girl. Take the time to sit down for a nutritious meal, chew slowly, and listen when your body tells you it’s full.

3. Munch on raspberries and melon, instead of apples and pears

Raspberries, melons and pineapples are fruits known to help debloat.

Rethink your fruit salad. (credit: @taramilktea)

Fruit is full of vitamins and nutrients. And fabulous fibre! But, while we need fibre to keep us regular, too much can be problematic. If you’re not used to it, the heavy load in some fruits, including apples and pears, can also cause bloating. So try switching to raspberries, melon or pineapple instead.

4. Spit out your gum and chew peppermint

Sorry to break it to you, but the gum’s gotta go if you want to banish the bloat. Chewing gum causes you to swallow excess air, which ends up in your gut. Plus the artificial sweeteners in sugar-free gum can cause gassiness. For fresh breath, naturally, chew on some fresh parsley or peppermint leaf.

5. Swap diet soda for detox tea (and loads of water!)

SkinnyMint Teatox cleanses your body naturally and helps to reduce bloating.

A teatox is a great way to take control of your bloating.

For a flat tummy, steer clear of sugar-free sweets and diet sodas, which contain those bloat-causing sweeteners. Soda also has a hit of sodium and often caffeine, both of which cause fluid retention. Instead, sip on a refreshing, hydrating cup of herbal tea! With delicious fruity flavors, SkinnyMint teas energise and cleanse the body. 91% of customers surveyed felt less bloated after their teatox!

Also make sure you’re sipping on plenty of water throughout the day. It’ll reduce fluid retention and, quite literally, flush you out.

6. Downsize your dinner

A huge meal can leave your belly uncomfortably full and sticking out like a sore thumb. So remember to eat slowly and concentrate on the taste, smell and textures to avoid overeating. Keep it light and healthy, and try to eat earlier, rather than an hour before bed.

7. Swap your late night for some extra z’s

Sleeping is known to help you lose weight.

Sleep tight, Skinnyminters! (credit: @taramilktea)

A good snooze fixes most things, and studies have even shown good sleepers tend to have slimmer waistlines! Possibly because the sleep-deprived are known to make poorer dietary decisions.

Ever tried a Teatox? Beat that bloat with our amazingly effective 28 Day Teatox!

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