6 razones para Detox para la primavera

While a detox is a great idea any time of year, a spring detox is especially awesome. After a cold and lazy winter, cleansing the body will kick-start your health and make you look and feel all brand new. Fast!

A spring detox not only flushes out toxins, it also helps break bad diet and exercise patterns. Still not sold? Here are six reasons to jump on the spring cleansing wagon today!

1. Bikini weather is on its way!

If you’ve put on some winter pounds, it’s time for a spring detox! (credit: @sierraaaskyee @breekleintop)

Summer is fast approaching, which means you’ll want to hit the beach. Unfortunately, if you’ve been eating comfort foods all winter long, your bikini bod might in hiding.

Ditching the calorie-laden and carb-loaded foods of winter is the first step to achieving a bangin’ beach bod. If you want to rock that bikini, a SkinnyMint Teatox will be your flat-belly BFF. 91% of customers felt less bloated on the 28-day program!

2. You have a serious Starbucks habit

A coffee addiction is expensive and unhealthy.

The calories in your morning lattes add up, so give your Starbucks card a rest. Tea is the perfect refreshing and calorie-free drink to sip as the weather heats up. So, consider killing your coffee addiction with a teatox this spring!

3. You think lifting your remote is a workout

Winter nights (and mornings for that matter) are made for Netflix binges. But endless episodes of Suits and frosty weather can quickly turn you into a couch potato. And the less you work out, the less energy you’ll have!

Spring is the ideal time to beat this vicious cycle. By cutting out excess sugar and high-GI processed foods, you’ll avoid the blood sugar swings that leave you low in energy. Sip on a daily cup of energising tea (like SkinnyMint’s Morning Boost with green tea and guarana) and you’ll be powering through those spin classes, no worries at all.

4. You’re raiding the sweets jar every afternoon

Beat your sugar cravings with a spring cleanse. (credit: @sweets_withlove)

If you can’t go a day without cake/ sweets/ chocolate, it’s time to break the sugar dependence with a detox. It might be tough for the first few days, but going cold turkey on a detox is a great way to break free of the craving cycle.

5. Your post-winter skin is dry and dull 

Poor food choices and heating can wreak havoc with your skin over winter, leaving it dull and dehydrated. Cutting out sugar, alcohol and dairy for a month and loading up on green leafy veg, oily fish and Vitamin C-rich foods can help return it to a glowing, hydrated state.

Sluggish digestion can also impact your skin. The SkinnyMint Night Cleanse tea aids digestion and naturally detoxes your body. Many customers report a clearer complexion as an added bonus of their teatox!

6. Your barman knows your order off by heart

Detox your poor, overworked liver! (credit: @fashioninmysoul)

If your barman is looking more familiar than your mother, you know what you gotta do! Give your overworked liver a break for a weekend, a week, or better yet, a full month. You’ll sleep better, have more energy and your skin will take on a newfound glow. Your wallet will thank you too!

If you’re looking to refresh and reset your body this spring, a 28-day SkinnyMint Teatox is super easy, stress free and delicious!

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