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With long, honey blonde locks and a fit, healthy bod, Sydneysider Tamara (Mara) Jane’s the quintessential beach babe. But far from chilling on the sand all day, she’s used her good looks and business savvy to launch a successful career as an influencer!

A social media megastar, Tamara’s built up an Instagram following of over 130 000 since quitting her day job two years ago. All while studying mental health and running her online health business. Phew! Read on to discover what a day in the life of this total #girlboss looks like.

Tamara’s days are full of variety.

“Depending on what I have to complete, my day always looks a little different which I love. I always start with the gym or walk, followed by a coffee. If I have a collaboration which requires a location shoot, my sister and I will usually road trip somewhere out of Sydney and get some photos.”

“Some days I will have a full day of shooting, other days it may just be an afternoon. I am also studying mental health so I find it important to set time aside for that each week. My sister and I run an online health based business so we are always busy with that. It involves a range of different tasks but mostly educating others about the importance of good natural long term health. As you can see every day can be a little different!”

She’s hooked on the freedom of being her own boss.

“I can sleep in if I want, say yes to random holidays on a Tuesday, sit in my favourite cafe and drink coffee all day and work (which I am doing right now, haha). It just gives you your life back!”

She says she’s just like any other girl.

Tamara says her weight and shape does change a little, just like anyone. But she’s super motivated to stay fit, healthy and in shape. “I have my sister who is my workout buddy so we always push each other to get to the gym and keep it fun! I was lucky that my mum brought us up on health eating and good nutrition education so a lot of it is habit to me. I don’t really crave sweets or eat junk food.”

And she has treats, too. “My weakness is nuts and dried fruit – I could eat it forever! I take whole food extracts every day in conjunction with a good diet so I know I’m giving my body what it needs to function at the best level every single day (even when I’m super busy or eating not so well. The important thing is to find balance with what works for your own body! We are all different, but remember to enjoy life also. Make sure your diet is flexible with your social life.”

She’s a SkinnyMint fan.

Tamara is a massive advocate for herbal teas. “There are a lot of benefits for your body with digestion and cleansing. I love that SkinnyMint is all natural and you list the ingredients on your website!!”

She finds the Morning Boost gives her loads of energy. “I started SkinnyMint while on a 21-day no coffee cleanse (death, haha). It was the first time I had cut coffee out completely in five years, so I felt it massively. I used the Morning Boost first thing in the morning and it’s insane how much difference you notice in your digestion and energy getting up first thing and having warm tea with lemon, and that’s all. It just kick starts your body naturally!”

Tamara is really into BodyBoss HIIT workouts.

 It’s intense, but it’s doable! 24 minutes and that’s it – it’s perfect for the days where you just don’t feel like working out because it’s not long at all and it’s there for you to follow, you don’t need to think of a circuit. You build your fitness up over the weeks and what seemed difficult at the start becomes easier and easier.”

She needs three things to stay happy.

1. Working out every day – “It doesn’t matter what it is. I need something to stimulate my mind. When I can’t work out, I notice my mindset is so different for my working day.”
2. Her sisters – “They are my everything!”
3. Adventures and holidays – “Life has to be enjoyed and nothing is better than random spontaneous holidays to unknown places. Seeing different parts of the world is what brings me the most happiness!”

Tamara gave up her day job and hasn’t looked back.

“I quit in February 2015. I was working full time in Administration and had been for a few years. I just couldn’t do the same thing every day it was killing me. I’m a very creative person so I need to have space to do that.”

She has these words of advice for anyone wanting to create their dream life.

Tamara knows you have to create the change you want. “Decide what you want, when you are going to have it by and then work for it. Stop wasting time waiting for something to change – you just have to believe in yourself enough to know that you can do what you want!”

(All pictures/videos reposted from Tamara’s Instagram maraa_jane.) 

SkinnyMint Inspiration March 9, 2017

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