He perdido 15 libras en 28 días con SkinnyMint

Social media star Shantea Mac wanted to look amazing for her upcoming wedding, so she decided to give a teatox a go. And boy did she get great results! In no more than 28 days, she achieved her wedding body goals with SkinnyMint!

Combining her SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox with healthy eating and exercise, Shantea’s managed to drop 15 pounds already. Her waist is also smaller, and she is confident she’ll be walking down the aisle in her best shape since high school!

Shantea came across SkinnyMint thanks to another mega-star.

(credit: @kyliejenner)

“The person who introduced me to this product is Kylie Jenner… I was actually stalking her Instagram and I noticed that she drank this tea.” Shantea decided to get in touch with SkinnyMint to see if she could trial the teas, and the rest is history.

She loved the natural caffeine hit of Morning Boost.

“The reason why I love this product so much is it replaces my coffee, and coffee is bad for me and it will stain my teeth,” she says.

“I’m up at 6:30, I drink the tea, it gives me energy, and I work out, with that energy.” Even on non-workout days, Shantea stuck to the SkinnyMint program and drank the morning tea. She found it gave her loads of energy and focus to power through her busy days.

SkinnyMint helped her get her schedule back on track. 

With a crazy work schedule and a wedding planned, Shantea’s eating and sleeping schedule had been really inconsistent. Thankfully, SkinnyMint turned things around!

“With this product, since I’ve been taking it in January, my eating, sleeping, as well as dieting schedule has been on point.”

She lost 15 pounds in 28 days. But kept her gorgeous curves.

Shantea happily says “I am back. I am back to my body when I first started dating my husband.” She went from a size six to a four in the first fortnight, and her waist is now a slim 24 inches. But she’s even happier about something else: “I didn’t lose my butt along the way!”

She feels amazing.  

(credit: @luvableviet)

Shantea quickly found her metabolism was boosted and she was starting to feel hungry again. A real foodie, she loved that she didn’t have to stick to a strict diet. (Although she did control her portions and cut out sweets and chocolate.)

“I feel good. And I achieved that in just 28 days, with proper diet, proper eating and proper exercise. I didn’t have to watch what I had to eat. I ate what I felt like eating, I ate what made me happy, and I’m losing weight. That to me is better than any diet in the world… This product allowed me to eat and release, if you know what I mean.”

And now she’s spreading the word!

“This product is for me and anyone who wants to boost their metabolism and kick that bloating feeling, as well as anyone who wants to reach that health goal in just 28 days.”

Shantea felt more energised and SkinnyMint helped her on her way towards her wedding body goals. She’s since ordered more SkinnyMint to continue her teatox journey.

Give it a go and make sure you share the results of your 28 Day Teatox with us, too!

*Each body type is different, so results may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.

SkinnyMint Inspiration March 2, 2017

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