What to do Today to Sleep Well Tonight

Think it’s only what you do after 8pm that matters when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep? Think again. Good sleep habits are made from the moment you wake up!

From tidying up to chilling with furry friends, these am-to-pm tactics will see you snoring soundly tonight.

6:30 AM: Work out

Move it or lose it. Sleep, that is. (credit: @bodybossmethod)

While an intense workout too close to bed can mess with your sleep, a morning workout’s an all-round winner. Not only will it help energise you for the day ahead, it can help you sleep soundly come 10pm. Not convinced? A recent Oregon State University study found 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise weekly improves sleep quality by 65 percent!

7:30 AM: Make your bed

Make your room into a Zen retreat, complete with a tidy bed. (credit: @kinarino)

This one’s not super technical, but it’s helpful to create morning and night-time bed habits that encourage quality z’s. If you want your bed to be a happy place, treat it with a little respect. And that means making it every morning! A tidy, uncluttered room, and bed, equals a calm, uncluttered mind.

10:30 AM: Take your morning tea break outside

Spend some time in natural daylight. (credit: @alexandr_ford)

You know how you can feel a bit low-energy during winter? Getting enough light is important for your mood and your body clock. So throw open your blinds as soon as you wake up and soak up some sun (safely!) during the day.

4 PM: Skip your third latte

If you struggle to fall asleep at night, quit the caffeine six hours before your bed time. So, if you hit the sheets at 10, have your last cup of Joe before 4pm.

6 PM: Stroke your cat

Stroking your kitty is the purrfect way to reduce stress. (credit: @safiavendome)

Spending some quality time with your cat is mutually beneficial! Pud will love the attention and repay you in purrs, which have been shown to lower human stress levels. Since high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) prevent a good night’s sleep, a cat cuddle is never a bad thing! Unless of course you’re allergic…

7 PM: Eat a high-fiber dinner

Fatty and sugar-loaded foods are bad news for insomniacs. (credit: @wholesomedaily)

If you want to sleep soundly, rethink your evening meal. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found foods low in fiber and high in saturated fat and sugars lead to poorer, less restorative sleep. With more disturbances through the night. So put down the cheeseburger, and load your plate with fiber-rich veg, plus lean protein and some complex carbs.

8 PM: Turn off the tech

Make the bedroom a no-tech zone. (credit: @taramilktea)

The blue light from your devices is stimulating and supresses melatonin, so it can be harder to nod off. Switch off your tablet, phone, laptop and TV at least an hour before bed to wind down properly. Better yet, banish technology from the bedroom altogether.

8:15 PM: Bliss out with a bath

Who hasn’t fallen asleep in the bath? (credit: @lisadanielle__)

Soak in a bath scented with lavender, a natural sedative, to really relax.

9 PM: Have a sleep-inducing snack

Snack smart if you don’t want to lose sleep. (credit: @dudacastro)

Feeling peckish and worried your rumbling tummy will keep you awake? Here’s a list of approved bedtime snacks which will help you nod off. A cup of tea is always soothing, too. Just make sure it’s not caffeinated. SkinnyMint Night Cleanse contains calming and cleansing natural ingredients to help relax and detoxify the body.

9:30 PM: Hit the sack!

Nothing left for you to do but drift off to the land of nod. (credit: @taramilktea)

Sleep tight, SkinnyMinters!

Do you have any special pre-bed rituals? Tell us in the comments below!

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