5 Kick-Ass se mueve para un mejor botín

Butt like a pancake but dreaming of Beyoncé’s booty? It’s time to quit wishin’ and make those #buttgoals a reality with these bootylicious moves!

Here, Chantal Coleman of Ritual HQ shares her top butt-busting exercises to lift, tone and tighten that tush. It’s time to perk up, ladies!

1. Lunges

Lunge your way to a firmer butt. (credit: @BodyBossMethod)

Hold a dumbbell or kettle bell in each hand and step back into a controlled lunge, nice and deep. The back knee should be almost to the ground. Lean slightly over that front leg to really activate the booty. Keep all of the weight in the front HEEL. Track the feet directly back from a hip width position to ensure balance is maintained. Repeat on other side.

Some key things to remember: you should feel this in your butt predominantly. If you don’t, adjust the weight forward into the front foot more, and try leaning over the front foot a little more.

2. Hip Thrusts 

Great buns are made with this move. (credit: @BodyBossMethods)

Lay down on the mat with feet hip distance apart on the floor. Thrust your hips into the air to make a table top position. Repeat repeat repeat.

Some things to remember: If you feel it in your lower back, squeeze your butt more. To make it harder, flip it around and put your feet on the bed and your back on the floor.

3. Donkey Kicks

You’ll want to kick the bucket after a few sets of these! (credit: @BodyBossMethod)

Starting on your hands and knees, kick one foot towards the ceiling, leading with the heel. Swap legs.

Some things to remember: this should be felt in the butt, not the back. Kneel on a mat so you don’t hurt your knees.

4. Stiff Leg Deadlift

This will tone your arms as much as your booty. (credit: @SexyFitMoms)

Hold a bar in front of you and get into a position similar to a squat. Hinge forward from the hips, sliding the bar down the legs to just under the knees, then slide back up, squeezing the butt and thrusting the hips through. This will target the hamstring and upper hamstring, but with the right thrusting motion, you are also helping to lift and firm up the butt.

Some key things to remember: BREATHE! If you feel it in your lower back, squeeze your butt tighter. Reduce the range slightly and soften your knees a little more. Keep the bar on the legs and push the hips back as you tip forward. You will feel a lovely stretch on the way down. I love this one because you really feel the backs of your legs about two days later.

5. Squats

This short but effective routine will leave your butt feeling the burn!

Squats are hands down the best butt building move around.  If you really want to build a decent butt, squat squat squat, at least once per week. Take it up a notch by holding a dumbbell or kettle bell in both hands and let it hang between your legs.

Some key things to remember: be sure to breathe deep into the belly before you start the squat to activate those deeper core muscles to keep the back safe, push knees back over toes and squeeze butt on the way back up. Thighs should be at least parallel to the ground.

Want more energy to power through your booty workout? Try a SkinnyMint teatox! And make sure you check out these awesome exercises for killer arms too.

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