7 Reasons to Skip Friday Night Drinks

We’re all for celebrating, and Friday night drinks are one of our favourite traditions. But a night out with the girls can also be crazy expensive and headache-inducing!

Believe it or not, skipping TGIF drinks every so often IS doable. For real! Here are seven reasons to lay down your Cosmo and take a break from booze this Friday. You might even enjoy it!

1. You’ll save money

Less cash on cocktails means more cash in your closet! (credit: @itsmeleighton)

Got your eye on a cute new outfit? Make it your reward for having a night, or a bunch of nights, off the booze. Make yourself the designated driver for your gal pals and you’ll save some serious coin on cocktails, as well as a couple of cab fares.

2. And sleep better

Stick to lemonade if you want a sound sleep. (credit: @michelematuro)

It might feel easier to drift off after a drink, but too much alcohol messes with your sleep. As well as more trips to the bathroom to empty your bladder, you’ll get less Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. Which is a bad thing as it’s during the REM cycle your body does most of its repair work.

Swap the night cap for a calming SkinnyMint Night Cleanse tea to aid digestion and send you off to the land of nod.

3. Your skin will thank you

Alcohol is dehydrating, so give it a miss. (credit: @paperplexe)

If you’ve ever woken up with a mouth that’s dry as the desert, you’ll know the dehydrating effects of alcohol. This applies to your skin, too, which is why your hangover comes with a dull and tired complexion. Even a night of drinking can take a toll on your skin, but it’s especially harmful over time.

You’re probably heard of ‘sugar face’, but ‘wine face’ is also a thing. From enlarged pores to redness and deeper facial lines, the signs that your wine habit needs to go are written on your face!

4. You’ll stick to your Saturday morning workout

It’s far easier to stay motivated without a hangover! (credit: @BodyBossMethod)

You’ve skipped the drinks and had a fab night’s sleep. So you are far more likely to want to spring out of bed and face the day. Even if that includes a hardcore workout!

5. You won’t say something you’ll regret

Alcohol is kind of like a truth serum… which is not always a good thing (credit: @Nicoleisaacs)

If you’re stressed or something is on your mind, having a few drinks might seem a great way to let off steam. As a depressant, alcohol can, at first, lower your anxiety. But it also loosens inhibitions… and lips. Which means it has a habit of getting people into trouble.

6. Or text the ex

Don’t pretend you haven’t done this. (credit: @colleeniemeanie)

Alcohol inhibits your decision-making ability. Which can put you in physical danger, due to both impaired motor function and bad decisions. Then there’s also the risk of dying from embarrassment when you check your sent messages the next morning…

7. Or consume a week’s worth of calories in one night

Alcohol can derail your diet in next to no time. (credit: @nemihail1)

Drinking is a double whammy for your waistline. Firstly, alcohol sends your blood sugar on a rollercoaster ride. When it hits rock bottom, you’ll be ravenous. And instead of reaching for something healthy, you’ll be led by those loosened inhibitions to devour a Double Whopper. Doh.

And on top of the calorie hit of food and the booze itself? Your body struggles to process the extra energy as it turns its attention to detoxifying the liver. Reason enough for a night off, no?

What do you like most about alcohol-free days? Tell us in the comments below!

And if you did have a drink or three, here are five ways to beat a hangover.

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