6 Ways to Stay Sane While Quitting Sugar

Clearer skin, a healthier gut, more energy and fewer mood swings… it feels like everyone’s singing the praises of a sugar-free diet. And if you’re wanting to make 2017 the year you break your addiction to the sweet stuff, you’re not alone.

Detoxing can be hard, though, and sugar cravings are hard to crush! To help you stick to your New Year’s resolution, here are six ways to stay sane while taming your sweet tooth.

1. Remove temptation

Switching to all-natural foods is the key to cutting out sugar (credit: @freeleethebananagirl)

When the going gets tough, you’re much more likely to cave in if temptation is within arm’s reach. So prepare to do a pantry and fridge clear-out, and don’t forget that secret stash!

Sugar isn’t just in sweets and desserts, either. Most cereals are loaded with the stuff, as are processed foods, dried fruits and your favourite sauces. From fructose to glucose, syrup and fruit juice, there are dozens of sneaky names for sugar that can be hiding on packaging. If in doubt, chuck it out; it’s easier (and healthier) to avoid packaged foods altogether!

(Note: health professionals recommend nutrient-rich whole fruit as part of a balanced diet, so speak to your doctor before cutting ALL sugar.)

2. Sip on something sweet (but sugar free)

Drink a fruity herbal tea instead of sugar-laden juice (credit: @franceduque )

Missing your morning juice fix or latte? Try sipping a sugar-free herbal tea instead. SkinnyMint Morning Boost tea not only smells and tastes delicious, it can really help with sweet cravings. Formulated with Guarana fruit and Yerba Mate, the morning blend is naturally caffeinated and helps boost energy. Plus, it has a yummy fruity taste. Drink up!

3. Don’t try to cut out too many things at once!

Cut yourself some slack to avoid falling off the wagon. (credit: @wholesomedaily)

If you’re already battling with sugar withdrawals, it’s probably not the best time to cut out caffeine, carbs and cheese! Feeling super deprived makes you far more likely to throw in the towel and go on a mega binge after just a few days. Allow yourself the odd non-sugar-laden treat

4. And never go hungry

Eat well–and regularly–to manage cravings. (credit: @loveandlemons)

Eat regularly to keep blood sugar levels stable and avoid the peaks and troughs that encourage a 3pm chocolate run. Load up on lean protein and high fibre, low-GI carbs, like quinoa. Try wholegrain toast, poached eggs and wilted spinach for a super-satisfying breakfast that will keep you full for hours. Regular snacks will also keep your metabolism firing.

5. Work out for a mood boost

Feeling sad? Turn to exercise instead of sweet treats. (credit: @Nikewomen)

Maybe you are on your period, and you’re battling a sudden craving for Krispy Kreme? Be strong, and put on your runners instead. Exercise is a proven stress relief tactic, and releases those amazing feel-good endorphins. So you’ll feel just as warm and fuzzy as you do after a chocolate glazed doughnut. And you won’t crash half an hour later.

6. Catch plenty of zs

Don’t skimp on sleep (credit: @Zoella)

Crave ‘naughty’ foods when you’re super tired? A recent UC Berkeley study found sleep deprivation leads to poor food choices. So make sure you get the recommended seven to nine hours per night. Not only will it make cutting the sugar a whole lot easier, it’ll boost your energy levels and concentration.

What else helped you manage your sugar withdrawals? Tell us in the comments below.

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