6 Ways to Get Rid of a Christmas Belly

If you’ve been eating ALL the Christmas food and your tummy looks like Santa’s, we’re here to help. From bloating to fat blasting, here are six sure-fire ways to a flatter belly.

But first you’ll need to put down those candy canes and back away from that egg nog!

1. Beat bloating with a teatox

Drink tea to stay hydrated, improve digestion and reduce bloating.

Drink tea to stay hydrated, improve digestion and reduce bloating.

Too much stodgy food, booze, soda and sugar can leave you gassy, bloated and generally uncomfortable. To ease post-xmas tummy troubles, try a teatox. SkinnyMint’s natural and delicious tea blends are the perfect remedy for holiday excess. Packed with ingredients to energize in the morning and soothe the mind, cleanse the body and enhance digestion before bed, they’ll help you feel better and get back into good habits. In fact, 91% of customers surveyed said they experienced a reduction in bloating from their SkinnyMint teatox! So what are you waiting for?!

2. Burn calories with HIIT

Want to burn excess belly fat? Then you've got to HIIT it!

Want to burn excess belly fat? then you’ve got to HIIT it!

If your belly is still feeling a little flabbier than you’d like, it’s time to get active! High-intensity interval training has been proven to be one of the most effective methods for torching calories and blasting body fat, especially stubborn tummy fat. The BodyBoss method promises to help you achieve the body of your dreams in 12 weeks. All it takes is three sessions of under 24 minutes a week.

There’s minimal equipment and no tricky apps or expensive gym memberships. You can do it anytime, anywhere. All you need is the right attitude and a desire to show your wobbly bits who’s boss! (PS. It also has a secret weapon called the afterburn effect, which means you’ll continue to burn calories HOURS after your work out. Yes!)

3. Munch on metabolism-boosting foods

Don't skip meals if you want to slim down!

Don’t skip meals if you want to slim down! (credit: @foodieflatlays)

You might be tempted to make up for all the feasting by seriously restricting your calorie intake, or skipping meals. Don’t. Regular, nutritionally balanced and portion controlled meals and snacks are key to keep that metabolism firing. BUT if you are eating more than you know you should be, our Super Fat Burning Gummies is an easy way to curb that appetite.

4. Stand tall!

Stand up straight and you'll always look great.

Stand up straight and you’ll always look great. (credit: @nikewomen)

Good posture really is important, not only to avoid injuries, but to make you look and feel confident. It might sound stupidly simple, but standing correctly – shoulders back and down, back straight, neck long – can shave a good inch (or more!) off the waistline. To get used to the correct posture, Jane Lau of Collins Place Physio recommends standing with your feet a few inches from the wall and the head, shoulder and lower back pressed to the wall. Shoulder blades should be drawn down and towards each opposite hip, like an X. If you then move away from the wall in this position, your posture will be picture perfect. So get practicing!

4. Plank and plank again

Planks are amazing at working that lazy core.

Planks are amazing at working that lazy core.

Planks are hard, but they’re so worth it for their toning and strengthening effects, especially for the core. To really feel that belly burn ­– in a good way – try this mini plank series from Alexandra Grounds, owner of Reformation Pilates. Begin in plank, belly engaged, feet hip-distance apart, wrists and elbows stacked under shoulders and shoulders lifted towards the ceiling. Stay in this position on your elbows for 30 seconds with your palms facing forwards. Move onto hands for one minute.

From here, lift your left foot out behind you, hovering above the ground with toes pointed. Swap and repeat with your right foot. Return to starting elbow position for a minute, then lift onto hands for the final 30 seconds. Ouch!

6. Eat more slowly

Eating slowly can help you achieve a flatter, happier belly.

Eating slowly can help you achieve a flatter, happier belly. (credit @taramilktea)

If you want to shift a little extra weight, try eating slowly and mindfully. This means sitting still, chewing loads and really concentrating on the tastes, smells and textures of what you’re eating. Sounds delicious! If you slow things down a little, not only are you less likely to accidentally overindulge, you’ll also avoid swallowing air – a common cause of uncomfortable bloating and dreaded gas.

Already have a flat tummy but still dealing with bloating? Here are 7 tricks to help you banish that bloat! 

Fat Burning Tips December 14, 2016

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