6 Hidden Weight Gain Traps to Avoid These Holidays

The holiday season is a great time to relax and enjoy yourself. But that doesn’t mean you should undo a year’s worth of healthy living!

What if we told you it’s possible to indulge during the hols without packing on the pounds? All you need to do is keep an eye out for these hidden holiday weight gain traps.

1. Calorific canapés

Don’t attack the canapes like it’s your last meal.

Parties often have a ton of food, and a full tummy will help you resist temptation. So prepare yourself a small, healthy snack before you leave home. Enjoy a few canapés by all means, but don’t turn up hungry. Otherwise you’ll risk gobbling a scary amount of calories from indulgent, bite-sized food.

Another tip is to literally turn your back on temptation. Position yourself away from the kitchen or buffet table to resist an unintended binge.

2. Skipping your regular workouts

Try fun ways to stay active during the holidays.

Just because you’re on holidays doesn’t mean you should become a couch potato. Even if you want to take a break from the gym, try to stay active. Take the stairs when you can or park a block away from your destination. At Christmas, play some fun games or round up the family to walk off your lunch. You can even burn calories with an energetic game of charades!

3. Over-indulging in booze

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Not only does alcohol contain loads of calories, it loosens your inhibitions and can make you snack irresponsibly. Yup, if you overdo it on bubbly, you could also wind up eating everything in sight! Plus, you’ll risk waking up with a hangover that’ll leave you dehydrated and craving greasy food.

A good trick for controlling alcohol intake is to drink out of tall glasses instead of short ones. Research has shown people are likely to pour less liquid into tall glasses, and therefore drink less overall.

4. Taking an all or nothing approach

So aim for an 80:20 ratio of healthy foods to treats.
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This one is important. Too often, we put pressure on ourselves to eat a ‘perfect’ diet and punish ourselves for ‘slipping up’. Try to eat healthily most of the time, and cut yourself some slack! Forbidding ‘bad’ foods during the holiday season will only increase the intensity of your food cravings. Likewise, bingeing will leaving you feeling uncomfortable and low in energy. So aim for an 80:20 ratio of healthy foods to treats.

5. Not drinking enough H20

It’s the one weight loss tip every supermodel swears by: drinking lots of water! Staying hydrated helps you feel full and eat fewer calories. If you find drinking liters of straight-up water boring, try sipping on SkinnyMint’s Morning Boost tea throughout the day. With a delicious fruity taste, it’ll keep you energize and give you glowing skin.

6. Not enough ZZZs

Sleep affects your appetite, and possibly your waistline, too!

Sleep loss has been linked to changes in appetite and studies have shown that getting enough sleep can help drop your dress size. To ensure you sleep well, turn off electronic devices in the bedroom and avoiding high-fat foods before bed. Practice meditation and use mindfulness techniques to calm your body and mind, ensuring a restful sleep.

How else do you stay healthy during the holidays? Tell us in the comments below.

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