5 Ways to Stay Fit Without Really Trying

Sweating it out on the treadmill or in spin class might be a great way to stay in shape, but gym workouts aren’t for everyone. The loud music, the mirrors, the over-friendly instructors… Sometimes it’s a bit full on, and it can also put a hole in your budget.

But, just because you despise the gym and – let’s be honest – working out in general, it doesn’t mean you can’t be fit! Here are five non-workout workouts even the most dedicated couch potatoes will love.*

1 – Hit the dancefloor

Dancing burns a lot a calories without even going to the gym.

Grab your girls and hit the club! (credit: @coachella)

A night out at the club with your girlfriends is always a good idea, as long as you lay off the creamy, calorie-laden cocktails! Wear your cutest outfit and work up a sweat to Justin Bieber on the dancefloor. Dancing is one heck of a workout – just check out any ballerina’s body! Hands down the funnest way to work out.

2 – Step it up

Walk and take the stairs as much as possible.

Walking isn’t hard, but it adds up. (credit: @allanabooth)

To reach your recommended 10, 000 steps each day, it’s time to get walking. Hop on the bus a few stops later and jump off a few stops earlier on your way back. Or better yet, walk the whole way! Instead of emailing your colleague at the other end of the office every time you have a question, get up and walk over there.

And avoid the total awkwardness of sharing the elevator with your boss by taking the stairs. Your butt will thank you.

3 Do your own housework

Doing your housework will make you lose as much calories as working out.

This workout has a bonus: a sparkly clean house! (credit: @ thebookmagazine)

Ok, this one’s less fun than shaking your booty to Beyonce, but it’s a necessary evil. And it burns some serious calories. Not convinced? 35 minutes of bathroom cleaning blitzes as many calories as 35 minutes walking on the treadmill. And vacuuming for 30 minutes not only helps with allergies, it burns around 90 calories. This is similar to what you’ll burn in 15 minutes of kick boxing!

4 Get a puppy

Getting a puppy will make you move everytime.

Cute and full of energy, puppies won’t let you sit still. (credit: @prettyfrowns)

As if you needed any excuse to add a puppy to your life, these adorable balls of energy basically force you to stay active. You’ll need to walk them twice a day, play fetch, and catch them when they go chasing after the neighbour’s cat. Even washing a dog is a great workout for your arms.

5 Add more play to your day

Find out what you love and do it.

Find something you love, not dread. (credit: @allanabooth)

Even the expression ‘working out’ is kind of off-putting. It sounds like far too much, well, work. Kids have the right idea. They don’t ‘work out’, but they’re usually super fit from all their play time. Instead of dreading your next workout, find your favourite type of ‘play’. Whether that’s a game of doubles tennis, body boarding, exploring on your bike, or climbing a tree! If it’s something you look forward to, keeping fit is easy and fun.

*Apart from doing the housework, obviously.

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What’s your favourite non-workout workout? Tell us in the comments below.

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