SkinnyMint transformations: Georgia’s teatox journey

As a chemical engineering student and part-time maths tutor, Aussie girl Georgia is clearly one clever cookie! So, when the 20-year-old was struggling to shed some stubborn kilos, who did she turn to? Why, SkinnyMint of course!

Georgia had always been skeptical about weight loss products, but she decided to give SkinnyMint a try as it seemed like a great natural and healthy option. As you can see, it really revved up her weight loss, and she couldn’t be happier with her results. Here’s her teatox story.

Before SkinnyMint, she worked hard but couldn’t see real results.

Weight loss was always a battle for Georgia. (credit: @georgiabadgery, @shoppingandfashion)

“I always wanted to get fitter and healthier and lose weight, but I could never see a difference, I could never really get to my goals no matter how hard I dieted or how much exercise I did. So I thought I needed some help.”

She decided to take a leap of faith.

Georgia took the plunge and ordered the SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox. (credit: @lifesetsail)

Summer in Australia means long days on the beach, so Georgia decided to call in the big guns, and ordered the SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox.

“I had my doubts about weight loss products but I really needed a boost to get me bikini ready for summer! AND BOY WAS I NOT DISAPPOINTED!”

She felt better instantly.

Georgia soon felt much less bloated, and was bursting with energy. (credit: @georgiabadgery)

As soon as she started her SkinnyMint teatox, Georgia felt more energized, and felt (and looked) less bloated. And she soon started moving those last stubborn kilos and attracting compliments.

She’s now lost 3 dress sizes!

Georgia’s jeans have shrunk from an Australian size 12 to a 6! (credit: @georgiabadgery)

“I’m so much happier and more confident with my body! Yes, I exercised and ate more healthily (though I snuck in a Kinder Surprise every day!) but I’m so pleased with my results! I’m now wearing a size 6 jeans (AU size)!”

And she’s happier than ever.

Look at that happy smile. (credit: @georgiabadgery, @aggylow)

After completing her SkinnyMint teatox, Georgia felt happier and healthier just in time for summer Down Under.
“I would definitely recommend SkinnyMint to anyone who wanted to start a healthier lifestyle, or who was having trouble losing the stubborn few kilos.”

Georgia gained energy and lose weight with SkinnyMint. Give it a go and make sure you share the results of your 28 Day Teatox with us, too!

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*Each body type is different, so results may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.

SkinnyMint Inspiration August 31, 2016

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