Best SkinnyMint Transformations of 2017

Looking through all of our incredible customer journeys over the past 12 months, we’ve never been so inspired! These ladies have impressed us with their positive mindset and amazing results. And they are real-life proof that YOU can do it too!

@amywebb no longer needs to hide her post-baby body

skinnymint gave Amy the push she needed to be a healthier person!

“For the last 2 years, I’ve actually tried to cover up and hide my body in pictures post-baby. But since I had decided to give SkinnyMint teatox a try, I decided to step it up and add in some minor exercises and clean up my diet a bit. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the minor changes I’ve made. Thanks, SkinnyMint, for giving me the push I needed to be a healthier person!”

@catherinedesnoyers had so much more energy

Catherine feels great, has more energy and her body feels different after taking the SkinnyMint Gummies.

“I was totally surprised how good the gummies are!! I feel great, I have more energy and my body feels different too. Thank you so much for great products!! They are AWESOME and WORKS GREAT!!”

@gymbum047 saw her abs again!

She saw her abs again just after 14 days of SkinnyMint Detox Tea!

“SkinnyMint is the real deal! In just 14 days I finally saw my abs again. Give it a try you won’t regret it!”

@krizia_albinsson loves her After selfie

Krizia lost around 13 pounds in 28 days of SkinnyMint!

“I told myself I needed to do something… and I did! With the help of SkinnyMint, I kickstarted my journey to wellness… I started going to the gym and tried sooo hard to eat healthily! Looking at my ‘after’ photo makes it all worth it now! I lost around 13 pounds in 28 days and I am planning to continue what I have started!”

@mich_annp’s confidence skyrocketed

Mich's confidence sky rocketed after taking the SkinnyMint Teatox and Super Fat Burning Gummies.

“In combination with the teatox and fat burning gummies, I feel gloriously amazing and energized. This is the first time in my life that my stomach has ever been completely flat, toned and no muffin top. My confidence has skyrocketed!”

@renatabrazee is shocked at how flat her stomach is

Renata is shocked at how flat her stomach is from her SkinnyMint tea detox.

“I’m stunned with the results. I doubted there’d be that much of a difference within two weeks but I was shocked at how flat my stomach felt each morning, and even stayed like that after the teatox! The teas also got me into a nice routine each morning and tasted good. So happy with the detox!”

@caitlynhogan1 is stoked with her results

Caitlyn is stoked with her results!

“When SkinnyMint legit saves you! Thank you so much for the tea, I felt so much better even after few days of drinking your tea. Stoked with the results!”

If you’re thinking about the perfect program to reset your body and health for the new year, SkinnyMint’s Ultimate Teatox and Fat Burning Gummies will do just that!

Get your name on this list in 2018, we’re rooting for you!

Customer Stories December 19, 2017

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