5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Life… & Body!

A new season­­ is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. There’s never a better time to tidy up your act, kick bad habits, and work on the most important project in life: you!

Set aside the next month to spring clean your life in five simple steps, and we can guarantee you’ll feel like a brand new you. Good habits aren’t made in a day, but 28 days is a good place to start!

1. Get moving with a new workout challenge

Get more bang for your exercise buck with HIIT. (credit: @BodyBossMethod )

It’s so easy to get stuck in a workout rut. Sticking to the same old jam can leave you bored, unmotivated, and your results can even start to stagnate.

Commit yourself to a month-long workout challenge to shake things up and get you reinspired! In terms of cleansing, yoga can’t be beat. With lots of twisty moves, it massages the organs and helps detoxify the body. It’s great for your mental state too! Check out studios in your area for intro offers and yoga challenges.

Or, if you struggle to find time to work out, try the fast and furious BodyBoss. 24 minutes, three times a week is all you need to unlock your dream bod with this HIIT-based method.

2. Clear out your pantry

It’s not enough to just move your body. You’ve got to nourish it well too! The easiest way to stick to good eating habits is to remove temptation. That means grabbing a bin bag and hitting your fridge and pantry!

Bin the highly processed stuff: white bread, cookies, cakes, chips, instant noodles, biscuits etc. Chuck out the sweets too, as well as soda, high-sugar fruit juice and sweetened yogurts.

Instead, stick with nutritious wholefoods ­– a balanced mix of fresh vegetables and fruit, low-GI carbs, healthy fats, and lean proteins.

3. Ditch toxic people


We all have them. Those frenemies who slap us down with backhanded ‘compliments’, or those acquaintances who drain the energy right out of the room. If someone consistently puts you down, is self-obsessed and selfish or totally negative, it’s time to reassess your relationship.

If you think the relationship is worth saving, tell them how you feel. If not, move on and cut your losses. Surround yourself only with people who deserve your time and energy!

4. Clean out your beauty cabinet

You probably already spring clean your wardrobe, but what about your beauty cabinet? Throw out anything past its expiry date – the contents are no longer effective and at worst could be harmful. Make sure you check sunscreen especially as an out-of-date product won’t be as effective in protecting you from damaging UV rays!

Don’t neglect your makeup bag either. Crusty old makeup (especially mascara!) may contain bacteria that can cause breakouts or even eye infections. Did you know it’s recommended you bin an open mascara after three months? Well, now you do.

5. Do a Teatox

Try SkinnyMint and beat the bloat!
Try SkinnyMint and beat the bloat!

Alongside some simple diet tweaks, a teatox is a great way to kickstart the body’s cleansing processes for a fresh start. SkinnyMint’s 28 Day Ultimate Teatox contains two delicious teas: Morning Boost and Night Cleanse. Morning Boost is full of naturally energising ingredients such as Guarana and Green Tea, with a light fruity flavor that tastes amazing. It’s the perfect alternative to a creamy, calorie-laden coffee.

The Night Cleanse (taken every second night) is a blend of relaxing and cleansing ingredients that helps with digestion and to detoxify the body. And 91% of SkinnyMint customers felt less bloated on their teatox!

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Health & Wellness March 15, 2017

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