8 Things Successful People Always Do

Ever wondered how successful people rise to the top? Are they born with a special set of qualities that make them destined for greatness? Well, maybe. But one thing’s for sure: they share a lot of winning habits.

From entrepreneurs to entertainers to sports stars, here are eight things most successful people have in common. Lean in, Skinnyminters!

1. They wake up early

No snoozing allowed! (credit: @nakdfashion)

Successful guys and gals know that the early bird catches the worm! They’re busy, so hitting the snooze button is a no-go zone. Especially if they’re working in multiple time zones and need to catch up on overnight emails.

Morning rituals, like meditation or reading the news, are essential. It’s all about getting in a little ‘me time’ during the calm before the storm.

2. They treat their body like a temple

A healthy diet and keeping fit are keys to success. (credit: @minayounglee)

With a hectic schedule, you can’t afford to get hangry or suffer from a sugar-headache. So a healthy diet is a given, as is regular exercise. (How many couch potatoes do you know that have made it to the top of their chosen game?!) Regular workouts not only keep energy levels high, they help relieve cortisol levels and manage stress.

3. They journal

Write it down! (credit: @girl_inthebook)

Journaling has a heap of benefits, from promoting mindfulness to defining goals and stimulating creativity. It’s a healthy habit we can all embrace, and has even been linked to a higher IQ.

4. They’re not controlled by their inbox

Responding to emails in 30 seconds is not a measure of success. (credit: @amandarentiersphotography)

Think productivity is measured by how quickly you respond to emails? Think again. Research shows workplace telepressure – a fixation with constantly checking and responding to messages – is negatively impacting our health. Plus stopping what you’re doing to answer an email seriously derails your train of thought for around 20 minutes!

Productive people check their emails just a few times a day. Try retraining yourself to check yours when you first arrive at work, at midday, and an hour before you leave. The same goes for your voicemail.

5. They know multi-tasking’s for fools

Avoid the multi-tasking trap. (credit: @bethanynoelm)

It’s not just about drive, it’s about focus. Jumping from one thing to another at the speed of light is counterproductive. Winners decide what task needs doing, give it their full attention (emails off!), and delegate the rest.

6. They fail forward

Don’t look backwards, fail forward. (credit: @safiavendome)

Ultra-successful people definitely learn from their mistakes, but they don’t dwell on them in a negative way. Instead they are masters at ‘failing forward’. Meaning they might not have achieved the outcome they wanted, but they use it as an opportunity for learning and growth.

7. They make time for hobbies

Even Oprah takes some time out! (credit: @sandrea26france)

All work and no play makes you dull and downright miserable. Which is why some of the world’s most successful people take the time to indulge their hobbies. Oprah’s a prolific reader, while Richard Branson’s into chess, and Giselle loves horseback riding. Giddy up.

8. They seek advice

Life is better with a mentor. (credit: @eileencassidy_)

The super successful know the importance of learning from others’ experiences and hearing different perspectives. Which is why a mentor is THE ultimate secret weapon.

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Health & Wellness February 17, 2017

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