11 Foods You Should Banish from Your Kitchen

We hate to be the fun police, but there are some foods that have no place in your pantry, fridge or freezer. Chock full of sugar, doused in salt, packed with calories… these are the snacks that nutritionists just won’t eat. And neither should you.

Grab a big bag, SkinnyMinters! If any of these foods are lurking in your kitchen, you know what you gotta do.

1. White Bread

Make wholegrain your BFF. (credit: @BethanyNoelM)

Seriously? You’re still eating that junk? White bread might look harmless and fluffy, but it’s no saint. The grains in white bread are refined, meaning they are pulverised to within an inch of their life. Which means white bread has next to no nutritional goodness. It’s also high on the Glycaemic Index, causing your blood sugar to spike and leaving you reaching for the cookie jar when you come crashing down again. Which you will.

2. Soft Drink

Keep your soft drink consumption to special occasions, or ditch it altogether! (credit: @Drpepper)

In a regular sized can of soft drink, there can be as much as 39 grams, or nine teaspoons, of sugar. The World Health Organisation recommends a healthy adult consume just six teaspoons and of the sweet stuff per day… You do the math!

3. Fruit Juice

Eat your fruit, don’t drink it. (credit: @taramilktea)

Sure, fruit juice contains vitamins and antioxidants, but it’s low in fibre and high in calories. In fact, a glass of fruit juice can contain just as much sugar and calories as a soda! It is much better for your gut and waistline to munch on an apple or orange and eat your calories.

For a refreshing fruity drink without the calorie hit, sip on an energising SkinnyMint Morning Boost Tea. And if you can’t ditch the morning OJ, make sure you opt for pure juice, rather than concentrate.

4. Rice Crackers

They’re a popular snack with dieters, but rice crackers aren’t doing your body or health any huge favors. While they’re low fat, they are high in energy (spiking insulin levels) and low in fibre. Meaning they won’t fill you up so you’re likely to overindulge. Some brands are also high in salt, which can lead to fluid retention.

5. Diet Soda

Stick to water with a squeeze of lime! (credit: @Thedomains)

This fizzy beverage might be sugar-free, but some will argue the artificial sweeteners in diet soda are even more toxic. Plus, fizzy drinks are a common cause of bloating!

6. Processed Meats

High in fat as well as salt, processed meats have no place in your daily diet. (credit: @samanthafeher)

Put down those hot dogs and back away from the salami! Processed meats are high in saturated fat and super salty, potentially bumping up your risk of heart disease and diabetes. They also contain chemical compounds, including a preservative called nitrate, which has been linked to cancer. So maybe limit the bacon to your Sunday brunch.

7. Ketchup

Ketchup ain't healthy!
Don’t let condiments derail your healthy diet. (credit: @pancakesandwaffleshawaii)

It might seem harmless – heck, it’s made from tomatoes! – but this condiment commonly contains a whole heap of added sugars, such as high fructose corn syrup. It’s also high in salt. Drench your fries in tomato ketchup, and you’re consuming a scary amount of sodium. Is it any wonder you’re guzzling down that Coke?

8. 2-Minute Noodles

There’s a reason this instant snack is so addictive: it’s a total sodium bomb! Team this with the high-GI noodles and a to z of artificial flavors, avoiding this convenience food is a no-brainer.

9. Cereals

Most cereals are loaded with sugar and won’t keep you full. (credit: @cheerios)

Most store-bought cereals are high GI, full of sugar and low in protein and fibre. Basically, they’re more like a dessert than a healthy way to start the day! Stick to oat-based options to stay full longer or go for a veg-filled omelette. And remember, honey and dried fruit are just fancy names for sugar!

10. Muesli Bars

Don’t be fooled, these bars aren’t always so healthy. (credit: @ dbfitnessandbeauty)

Muesli bars might seem like a healthier option than a chocolate bar, but that’s not always the case. Despite being marketed as health food, most are drenched in honey or syrup, studded with dried fruit or drizzled with yogurt. Which means? They are loaded with sugar. And on top of the sweet stuff, they pack a sizeable calorie punch.

11. Crazy Colored Snacks

You know they are not good for you!
Artificial coloring doesn’t belong in your mouth. (credit: @taramilktea)

If it’s a color not normally found in nature – like Cheeto orange – don’t eat it. Period.

What food do you never allow in the house? Tell us in the comments below!

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Health & Wellness February 15, 2017

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