7 Truly Weird Weight Loss Methods

Trying to shift a few pounds sometimes feels like an uphill battle. So it can be tempting to try something out of the box. And when it comes to whacky weight loss methods, the online world’s your oyster!

From colour therapy to freezing off your wobbly bits, here are some of the weirdest ways to slim down in 2017. Fa(c)t or fiction? You be the judge.

1. Painting your room pink

According to Kendall, all you gotta do is think pink. (credit: @callmestelacole)

Not just any shade of pink, mind you. Only a shade of bubble-gum known as Baker-Miller Pink will do for Kendall Jenner. The VS babe recently divulged she’d painted a wall in her home this vibrant shade of pink, and not just for style reasons. Apparently she called in the painters when she heard it was “the only color scientifically proven to calm you AND suppress your appetite.”

While the appetite part sounds like hocus pocus, a study in the ‘60s revealed the calming properties of the colour. Which is why you’ll see candy shades in many US correctional facilities.

2. Eating in front of a guy

Choose your dining companions wisely if you want to lighten up. (credit: @iamgalla)

A healthy appetite may be sexy, but researchers from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of Akron found we eat less when in the company of men. The study of university students found both males and females ate less when in the company of men, as opposed to women. Food for thought.

3. Wearing a vanilla fragrance

Can you smell your way into smaller jeans? (credit: @reddresswithpairofshoes)

Mmm, vanilla. Is there a sweeter, more delicious smell? Turns out, not only is it a heavenly scent to apply to your bod, it can potentially aid with weight loss! Specifically, sniffing the good stuff is said to help you manage your cravings for sweet treats. So get burning that vanilla candle you got for Christmas!

4. Eating off blue plates

Maybe it’s time to throw out the white crockery… (credit: @e.r.lane)

Pink isn’t considered the only weapon in the battle of the bulge, blue has a place too. And that’s on your dining table. Research from Cornell University’s Food & Brand Lab suggests contrasting our food and plate color might be key to self-managing our portion sizes. In the study, researchers found participants served themselves 30% more pasta when their pasta sauce matched the colour of their plate!

But what about blue? As it clashes with the vast majority of food, the calming hue is considered a natural appetite suppressant. But if you’re not keen on buying new dinnerware, it’s no problem. You can just buy hunger-busting blue sunnies!

5. Icing your body

This weight loss idea’s kinda chilling! (credit: @misheru)

So, turns out our bods contain two kind of fat: white fat and brown fat. Brown fat burns calories to keep us warm, and helps regulate our blood sugar levels. We like it. White fat is kind of, well, annoying.

Exposure to the cold supposedly kicks this brown fat into gear, burning white fat to bring the body back to a comfortable temperature. But while some people are applying ice packs to their bodies to slim down, we’re just going to stick with metabolism-boosting iced water.

6. Down sizing

If you want to down size, start with your plates. (credit: @thehungrybabushka)

Seems our good ol’ plates have a lot to answer for! As our plate sizes have sneakily increased over the decades, so have our serving sizes. Several studies have been conducted that indicate people will eat less when serving onto smaller plates. However, nutritionists are quick to point out it’s the nutritional break down on your plate that really matters!

7. Going alkaline

Bye-bye bread, butter, beef… (credit: @shinewithplants)

The alkaline diet, beloved by the likes of Gwynnie, Kelly Ripa and Elle ‘The Body’ McPherson, claims to improve your energy, immune system and bikini body. The basic premise is that we are eating WAY too many acidic foods, and throwing our natural pH level off balance. With serious health consequences.

The diet – high in alkaline foods like nuts, avocado and leafy greens, and low in acidic foods like meat, dairy and potatoes – is designed to remedy this. Nutritionists may question the claims about food changing your blood’s pH, but tend to agree it’s a largely healthy way of eating.

What’s the craziest weight loss method you’ve tried? Tell us in the comments below.

Health & Wellness February 15, 2017

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