7 Ways to Look Slimmer Without Dieting

Diets may be effective, but nobody said they were fun. Calorie counting, cabbage soup, fasting… Are you grimacing yet? Well turn that frown upside down, ladies, cos we’ve found a bunch of clever ways to look slimmer in an instant!

Here are seven hacks for faking your way to longer legs and a whittled waistline. So you can have your cake and eat it too. In moderation, of course.

1. Stop slouching!

Standing up straight makes SUCH a difference. (credit: @georgiasecretsyt)

Your mama probably told you to stop slouching and stand up straight. She was nagging for a reason! Good posture, with your shoulders back and core engaged, makes you look pounds lighter, with basically zero effort. Need more incentive? You’ll also reduce back pain and appear loads more confident.

2. Go lingerie shopping

It’s what’s underneath that counts. (credit: @victoriassecret)

When it comes to enhancing your waist, your bra choice is just as crucial as your knickers. If your lovely lady lumps hang too low, you’ll appear to have a shorter, bulkier waistline. So go for a professional fitting to make sure you’re well supported!

3. Go up or down a size

Clothing that’s too tight—or too baggy—can make you look a size larger. (credit: @chiaraferragni)

It’s all very well to think thin, but squeezing yourself into a size that’s too small is not a good look. You’re not fooling anyone, and you’ll only look larger. Similarly, clothes that swamp you are also a no-go, adding unnecessary bulk.

Buy clothes that skim the body, rather than clinging to every bump. Clothes sizes differ from store to store, so be honest about what fits you. Then cut the tag out if going up a size bothers you!

4. Sip tea to de-bloat

A teatox can help flatten that tummy. (credit: @franceduque)

Does your belly look flat one day then stick out for miles the next? Welcome to the joys of bloating! Chewing gum, eating too fast, diet soda… There are loads of things that can make your tummy bloated and uncomfortable. Thankfully, there’s help at hand!

SkinnyMint’s 28-Day Teatox is the fast and delicious way to banish bloating. The refreshing Morning Boost blend with Guarana, yerba mate and green tea gives a nice energy boost to start your day. Then the Night Cleanse really kickstarts the body’s cleansing and digestion processes. But does it really help with bloating? A resounding 91% of customers surveyed said ‘hell yeah’!

5. Play with proportions

Get the proportions right and you’ll always look great. (credit: @stylecusp)

As a general rule, mixing and matching your proportions will make you look slimmer. So, if you’re wearing super-baggy bottoms, don’t wear a voluminous top. And vice versa. Learn to play up the areas you DO like and you’ll draw attention away from your problem zones!

6. Slap on some fake tan

Say ‘hello spray tan, goodbye five pounds!’ (credit: @emitaz)

There’s no denying it—a good faux glow is incredibly kind to the figure. You’ll look slimmer instantly, without so much as a stomach crunch. Plus your teeth will look whiter and brighter as well!

7. Go nude

Never underestimate the power of shoes. (credit: @louboutinworld)

Not that kind of nude! We’re talking shoes, glorious shoes. The right footwear can make you feel a million bucks and ten foot tall. Especially if it’s a pair of nude heels! These babies give you shapely calves and legs for days, and work with pretty much everything you already own. On the flip side, black shoes paired with black tights are a winter slimming miracle.

Any other tips we should know about? Tell us in the comments below!

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Health & Wellness February 9, 2017

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