Exercises You Can Do with A Skipping Rope

There’s something nostalgic about working out with a skipping rope, but that doesn’t mean it’s for kids! Skipping (or jumping rope) is an amazing way to improve agility and cardiovascular fitness. Basically, it’s one heck of a workout!

To get your inspired to skip your way into shape, we’ve rounded up nine of our favorite moves to do with a skipping rope. Ready, set, jump.

1. Jumping Jacks


Who doesn’t like jumping jacks? Alternate jumping your rope and landing with your feet together, and landing with your feet wider than hip-distance apart. Unlike the regular version of this exercise classic, your arms stay in position, rather than mimicking the movement of your legs.

2. Skipping Rope Squats

This one’s a fun take on squats that gives your butt and quads a serious workout. And don’t forget to hold your core in tight to tone that tummy, too. Starting in a squat position with your butt nice and low, swing the rope as per usual and jump over it, maintaining your squat position in between skips. It won’t take long to feel the burn!

3. Single Leg Jumps

This one’s pretty straightforward, but great for honing your coordination skills and strengthening both sides of the body. Skip on one leg only for 30 seconds, then swap to the other foot. Repeat a few times on each side. Easy peasy. Kinda.

4. Alternate Foot Skip

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OK, this one’s gonna take a little more concentration not to fall over or tangle yourself up in knots. Imagine running on the spot, but incorporate a skipping rope and you’re half way there. Swing your rope and jump over it with both legs, landing on your right foot. Next time, jump and land on your left foot. Got it? Good.

5. Double Under


Don’t hate us. This popular crossfit move is a calorie torcher, and comes with the added threat of skipping rope whip. Jump with two feet like normal, then spice things up with the occasional extra high jump that allows two rotations of the rope before you touch the ground. If your wrists are too slow or you jump too low, you’ll feel the sting. Motivation much?

6. Twist Jumps

From 2:30 to 2:56

Twisting moves are a great way to target lazy obliques and whittle that waistline. Keeping your feet together jump and rotate right from the hips, to around 90 degrees. You’re your shoulders square and facing forward. Then jump to the left, so your feet are tracing a 180 degree arc from side to side.

7. Upper Body Stretch

Stretching is an essential part of any workout, and your handy skipping rope is an excellent tool for stretching out your entire upper body. Because it’s not just your legs that get a workout from skipping – your shoulders do too. Fold your rope in half and hold an end in each hand, with your arms behind your head. Bend one elbow and lengthen the other, like a bow and arrow. Pull on the lengthened arm until you feel a nice stretch in your chest, arms, upper back and shoulders. Repeat on the other side.

8. Bicep Curls

You can also use your rope for loads of arm, back and chest toning moves, without even lifting your feet off the ground. Using a post or tree, loop your rope around it above head height. Holding on to the ends of the rope, lean back with your arms long and at shoulder height. Curl your arms upwards into a bicep curl while lifting your bod to a vertical position. Repeat and repeat until your arms start to quiver.

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