6 Clever Apps to Help You Get Your S**t Together

With today’s warp-speed lifestyle, adulting can be hard. There are bills to pay, birthday presents to buy, contraception to remember to take… It can all be a bit too much. Which is why we’re pretty much addicted to apps.

Whatever you need, there’s most likely an app out there with your name on it. Here are six of our favorites – guaranteed to help you organise your life, quick smart. So come on and get appy!

Manage Your Spending

It’s time to learn where your money is really disappearing to each month. (credit: @fashioninmysoul)

Nobody said budgeting was fun. But there’s nothing like being in control of your financial wellbeing to make you feel smug and secure. Wally (Wally+ for Android) is a great app that makes sense of money – helping you set goals and easily track your progress. Plug in income and expenses, scan your receipts and get an honest look at your daily and monthly spending habits. Best of all? It’s free.

Track Your Fertility

If you’re looking for a natural contraception option OR trying to conceive, NaturalCycles could be just the app for you. This clever app was developed by equally clever Swedes to track your fertility from day to day. Take and record your temperature every morning to quickly and easily find out when you’re most fertile, when you’re ovulating, and even when your next period is due. Clever.

Keep Track of Important Dates

In the bad books for forgetting your anniversary? This app’s for you! (credit: @goicoechea22)

A ‘personal assistant in your pocket’, 24me makes life less stressful by keeping track of bills, birthdays, and more. Combining a calendar, to dos, and notes and linking to your bank and social media accounts, 24me tells you what needs to be done and when. Like sending your friend a B’day card or buying your cat a new flea collar.

Book A Last Minute Blow Wave

Book your beauty appointment in no time!
Last-minute beauty bookings are now just a click or two away. (credit: @Victoriassecret)

If you’ve ever spent an hour calling around trying to book a last minute spray tan, you’ll love the new swathe of beauty booking apps. Vaniday is one of the biggies, saving the lives of women all over the world including Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Italy and the UAE, one blow wave at a time. Search beauty and wellness services by area, specialty, pricing, then book and pay online. You also have access to loads of customer reviews, so you shouldn’t leave the salon in tears!

Remember All Your Passwords

You know when you enter a password wrong a bunch of times, then give up and reset it. Then you type in the same word as before as the NEW password, but it says you can’t use it because it was your old password? Is that not THE most frustrating thing on the planet?!

Be frustrated no longer! 1Password is a genius app that securely stores all of your eleventy-million passwords for easy access. It even helps you generate complex, ultra-secure passwords so nobody can get their eyeballs on your most sensitive info. All you need to remember is one master password; as in the app’s name.

Master the Art of Zen

Learn to manage stress with this mindfulness app. (credit: @aeriallynn)

There are a bunch of mindfulness and meditation apps out there, but Headspace is the one with the cult (and celeb) following. And for good reason. Headspace is a self-described ‘gym membership for the mind’, providing you with easy access to on-the-go meditation sessions of varying lengths. Improve your concentration, peace of mind and even relationships by embarking on the free basics program of ten daily ten-minute sessions. What have you got to lose?

(Not sure mindfulness is worth all the hype? Here are five reasons it’s worth a shot!)

Which apps do you use to organise your life? Tell us in the comments below!


Health & Wellness February 6, 2017

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