5 Reasons to Practice Mindfulness in the New Year

With celeb fans like Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Watson, the mindfulness movement is here to stay. Not just about meditation, mindfulness occurs when you’re truly present in the moment, without judgement. And with some major health and lifestyle benefits, it’s time to get on board.


Not convinced? Here are five reasons to make mindfulness your New Year’s resolution.

1. You’ll feel less stressed

There’s a reason why people who meditate look so chill. (credit: @aeriallynn)

Imagine having a calm, quiet mind instead of a frantic, frazzled one. The practice of mindfulness can help you achieve that. In fact, it’s been shown to lower levels of that pesky stress hormone, cortisol. Great news for stress heads.

2. You might even lose weight

Take time to savor your food if you want to lose weight. (credit: @nicoleisaacs)

Mindfulness can even change the way you experience food, and help you shed a few pounds. Really! Eating mindfully is the opposite of gobbling some toast on the way out the door. It’s about sitting down and paying attention to the tastes, the textures, the smells… Getting hungry?

Not only will mindful eating enhance your enjoyment of food, it will make you more receptive to your body’s signals. So you can recognise when you’re satiated, rather than mindlessly munching.

3. You’ll sleep better

Mindfulness could be the key to catching more zzzs. (credit: @sahara_ray)

If you’ve ever struggled with sleepless nights, you’ve probably been told to do yoga or try meditation. And for good reason. Studies have found that mindfulness can fight insomnia, improve sleep quality and reduce fatigue.

4. And be sharper

If you want to improve concentration, practice mindfulness. (credit: @movingmeditationla)

Want to know the key to acing your exams or being a gun at work? Here’s a clue: it starts with m and ends with s. A recent study found that college students who incorporated mindfulness practices showed improvements in working memory and better test results. Part of this was due to “reduced mind wandering.”

5. You’ll even have better relationships!

Mindfulness helps you be more giving. (credit: @eileencassidy_)

Being mindful means really listening and observing with all of your senses. Not worrying about what you’re doing later or wondering if you left your hair iron on. Which means you’ll be a more focused, less judgemental listener, and therefore a better friend, partner or family member. Or in other words, a nicer person. And who doesn’t want that?

How else did being more mindful change your life for the better? Tell us in the comments below!

Health & Wellness January 9, 2017

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