5 Weight Loss Tactics That Just Don’t Work

If you’re struggling to shift those pesky pounds, it can be tempting to try and fast-track your weight loss. We get it. But the truth is, obsessive calorie counting and endless hours on the treadmill might not be your best bet.

In fact, in your quest to shape up, you might actually be SLOWING DOWN your weight loss! Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid if you want to lose some weight and keep it off for good.
Skipping breakfast

Don't skip breakfast: take a healthy breakfast so your body doesn't starve.

Fuel your metabolism with a healthy breakfast. (credit: @beauteactive)

If you think you can lose weight by skipping meals, think again. Regular portion-controlled and nutritionally balanced meals are essential to keep your metabolism firing. If you don’t nourish yourself, your body will enter starvation mode and store your food as fat. Which is the exact opposite of what you want! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so fill up on healthy wholefoods like eggs or oats.
Doing too much cardio

To improve yourself, cardio must go with weight lifting.

You’ve got to lift your game with weights. (credit: @victoriasport)

Sure, you’ll quickly lose weight if you run for hours on end, but part of that will be muscle loss. To hold onto lean muscle mass, make sure you’re getting enough protein, and incorporate weight training into your workouts. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn even while sitting on your sofa watching the Kardashians.
Banning carbs

Don't skip on good carbs.

Make healthy wholegrains a part of your day. (credit: @loveandlemons, @alphafoodie)

You probably know someone who has dropped a dress size or two by ditching carbs. And it’s highly likely that same person put the weight back on a few months down the road. While eliminating white bread, cookies and cakes is a smart move, hold onto the wholegrains. Rich in vitamins and minerals, they contain slow-release energy to power you through your day.
Being too strict

Don't be too hard with yourself: have 1 or 2 cheat meals a week so you don't get crazy.

We all need a little chocolate bliss. (credit: @girlswithgluten)

Cutting out entire food groups and banishing your favorite treats is just going to make you crave them even more. Which means when you do decide to indulge, which is inevitable, you’re likely to go a bit crazy. And instead of one slice of pizza, you’ll demolish the whole pie! Allowing yourself one or two small cheat meals a week is a much more sustainable approach.
Fad diets

A balanced diet is the only way to achieve a healthy body.

A bright and balanced diet of wholefoods is best. (credit: @taramilktea)

Yes, fad diets might work. And while it’s easy to see the appeal of an all-bacon diet that promises to make you look like Gisele… the truth is, fad diets can be seriously lacking in nutrients, and are often downright dangerous. Nothing beats a balanced diet and regular exercise for a healthy body and long-lasting weight loss.

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Fat Burning Tips September 8, 2016

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