Detox battles: Teatox versus juice cleanse – which is better?

Stepping into the ring today we have SkinnyMint tea on the left and the juice cleanse detox on your right… In the battle of the detox here is why you should pick a teatox. 

You may think that a teatox and juice cleanse do the same thing, but there are big differences between these two detoxes. So before you buy your body-weight in fruit and veg, find out why a teatox should be your go-to detox.

No dieting vs. no food

Woohoo! No liquid diets with SkinnyMint, you get to eat all your meals on a teatox (credit: @jemerced).

Love your food? With a juice cleanse it’s either an all-liquid diet or a restricted diet, so that means you miss out on all/most of your meals. That’s not healthy or sustainable.

But with a teatox you get to eat all your meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner and the snacks in between. Make sure you go healthy though and cut out junk, we suggest you stock up on fresh fruit and veg, lean meat and complex carbs.

Energy vs. sluggishness

Energy vs. sluggishness

SkinnyMint’s Morning Boost tea will give you the energy kick you need to start your day and because you’re eating from a fully stocked fridge you’ll have all the reserves you need to hit the gym, work, study and socialize.

Food = fuel, so with the restricted diet of a juice cleanse, you’ll be running on empty. If your tank’s low, it will be a struggle to get through the day, let alone work up a sweat at the gym, so the only thing getting a workout will be your juicing machine.

Fiber vs. none

With no diet restrictions, you can eat all the fibrous food you need on a teatox (credit: @nyanelebajoa).

Squeezing the goodness out of a squillion fruit and veg may seem like a great way to get your five-a-day, but it will also squeeze out the fiber, and your body won’t thank you for that. You need fiber to get rid of your body’s waste and keep you feeling full.

On a teatox, because you’re not dieting, you can eat all the fibrous fruit and veg you want to keep you regular and satiated (full).

Lightweight and budget friendly vs. heavy and pricey

Find a SkinnyMint option to fit into your budget (credit: @eraedyla).

Whether you’re juicing your own or drinking the pre-mixed variety, a juice cleanse is pricey. And along with the hefty price tag, is the hefty weight! Lugging round those juices all day will give your back an unwelcome workout.

A SkinnyMint teatox, on the other hand, is light as a feather – itty-bitty teabags will fit nicely into your purse, alongside all that spare cash, because we have pricing options to help keep your teatox within budget, like the 14 Day Starter Teatox.

Long-term healthy lifestyle vs. short-term gain

A teatox is so easy, it will fit right in alongside your lifestyle (credit @Franceduque).

Because there are no eating restrictions, a SkinnyMint teatox will fit into your life, it’s a simple two-step process – one Morning Boost tea every morning and one Night Cleanse tea every other night.

Juicing, however, isn’t a detox you can do long term. There’s only so long you can go without food, after all.

The results

82 per cent of customers surveyed said they felt less bloated after our teatox.

SkinnyMint has over 500,000 customers worldwide and you can see the results for yourself on our customer reviews page. In a recent survey 82 per cent of customers surveyed said they felt less bloated after their SkinnyMint teatox – we get results.

When you do a juice cleanse you will probably lose weight, not eating will do that. But guess what? When you start eating again, as you must, you’ll probably put it all back on again.

With a teatox, it’s about cleansing your body, eating well, exercising… everything you need to live a healthy, balanced life, so you can maintain your ideal body shape long term.

*Every body type is different, so results experienced may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.

What do you love about teatoxing? Share your thoughts below.

Detox & Cleanse May 26, 2016

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