SkinnyMint transformations: Cassy’s teatox journey

Cassy’s hectic lifestyle left her struggling to find the motivation to tone up and stay healthy, but SkinnyMintgave her the boost she needed.

Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and balance work, travel and her personal life was proving difficult until 22-year-old Cassy found SkinnyMint.

Now the sporty retail area manager from Australia is squeezing in more squats and sit-ups than ever to get her stomach and bum toned. Here’s her teatox story.

She was looking for balance

Cassy’s 24/7 job leaves little time for workouts. She needed motivation to stay healthy. (credit: @shoppingandfashion).

“I live a very non-­stop busy type of life, which I love and recently have been struggling to find the balance between work, travelling interstate and my personal life, whilst keeping healthy.

“I’m a fashion retail area manager in Queensland, Australia, so my job doesn’t stop at 5pm when stores close, it’s ongoing. It’s actually 24/7 (yay). I really needed that boost and motivation to help me get in the right frame of mind to tone my body.”

Finding the right detox

She loved the feedback about SkinnyMint and she found the teatox very affordable. (credit: @thewayivogue/@gracelingo).

“I have read about many, many different types of detox, teatox, shake meal-replacement programs, but hadn’t come across a brand with such amazing feedback from all over the world, until I found SkinnyMint!

“It’s very affordable for the amount of tea you get. The SkinnyMint 28-day teatox has 28 morning teas and 14 night teas, which is fantastic compared to others on the market.”

Her workout routine

After two weeks on the SkinnyMint teatox Cassy was able to double her workout routine! (credit: @thewayivogue/@thenokinblog).

“Whilst on the teatox I set myself an easy home-workout goal. Every night I did the following; ­

  • 50 squats
  • 30 push ups
  • ­100 sit ups
  • Basic arm weights

“I already get lots of cardio in my day being on my feet all the time, so all I really wanted to work on was my stomach and bottom.

“After about two weeks (14 days) I found that I could quite easily double this, so I was doing 100 squats, 200 sit ups, 60 push ups and was adding more leg exercise to my work out.”

No need for coffee now

Morning Boost has replaced coffee and cut out the dairy and sugar that went with it. (credit: @thewayivogue/@mindyourfeednl).

“I have cut back on my coffee intake because Morning Boost tea has some caffeine in it already — that’s two cups less of dairy and sugar (my usual is latte with one sugar and I’d have three a day… I know that’s too many).

“I haven’t really changed my eating habits as I already eat small portions, but I try to drink more water throughout my day and take two pieces of fruit or veg to work with me.”

The result

“By the end of my 28-day SkinnyMint teatox, I was absolutely amazed at my personal result and I noticed that I now feel the need to work out to complete my day. So overall SkinnyMint has boosted me to get into the right mindset and get fit.

“Personally I’m not one to brag about a brand or product unless I truly believe in it. I would never post anything I didn’t love whole-heartedly, so SkinnyMint has got me hooked.

“Thank you SkinnyMint for helping me get on the right track!”

 (Find out more about Cassy’s journey on Instagram: thewayivogue.)

*Every body type is different, so results experienced may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.

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Customer Stories May 20, 2016

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