20 easy tips to get rid of that belly bloat

Want to rock a crop top but can’t shift the belly bloat? Here are some easy tips to help tame your tummy.

If your belly bloat is staying stubbornly in situ despite hours of crunches, then don’t loose heart, it might not be your workout strategy that’s letting you down, it could all be down to your food.

According to gastroenterologist Dr. Cynthia Yoshida in her book No More Digestive Problems, “a staggering one in four women suffers some kind of gastrointestinal disorder”.

Often, bloating and gas are tied to what and how you eat, so it looks like how you look is not always about the fitness game. To help you get rid of that belly bloat, we’ve found 20 easy and very achievable tummy taming tips. Pull that crop out ladies!

1. Eat smaller meals several times a day rather than two to three big meals. Big meals send your body’s digestive system into overdrive, leading to bloating and energy decline.

2. Eat food slowly. The simple act of eating slower and chewing food in smaller bits allows for easier digestion.

3. Limit rich and fatty foods. Fat takes a longer time to digest than protein and carbohydrates.

4. Lower your salt intake to prevent fluid buildup in the belly.

5. Eat more live yogurt such as original thick Greek yogurt, which is rich in bifidobacteria, a gastrointestinal microbiota believed to have lots of digestive benefits. Try a fruit and yogurt breakfast parfait as a quick to-go breakfast option or mid-afternoon snack. Alternatively, opt for a savory dish like Turkish Cucumber Salad.

Greek yogurt is rich in bifidobacteria, a gastrointestinal microbiota believed to have lots of digestive benefits.

6. Limit intake of these processed foods and opt for whole foods. Not only are processed foods low in nutrients, they are often low in fibre, which is what you need to regulate your bowel movement.

7. Switch to plant-based proteins such as legumes, grains and non-dairy milk. Popular examples of plant-based proteins include soymilk, quinoa, oatmeal and pistachios.

8. Skip protein bars and shakes. Yes, there is such a thing as too much protein!

9. Go heavy on green leafy veggies and artichoke. These dietary fiber greens are a huge support for a healthy digestive system. On top of that, artichoke is also a natural diuretic that improves gallbladder function and nourishes the liver.

10. Eat potassium-rich foods like bananas, cantaloupe, spinach, tomatoes, kiwis, lemons, papayas, nuts and fish. Potassium allows all internal muscles including those in the intestines to contract, easing digestion.

Potassium-rich foods ease digestion by allowing internal muscles to contract. (Picture repost from Thewestsidestory.net)

11. Drink lots of fluid to break down food and stay hydrated; the key to controlling saliva production and fluid in the stomach to aid digestion.

12. Stay away from chewing gum, lollipops and hard candies. These sugar molecules or simple carbohydrates can be absorbed easily, resulting in a strain on the pancreas, which works to produce pancreatic juices for digestion in the small intestine.

13. Avoid using straws. Shocker, isn’t it? Using a straw causes you to swallow air into your system, inspiring intestinal gas!

14. Quit smoking. According to Heartburn.about.com, “Studies have shown that smokers have decreased gastric motility (digestion) while smoking, which can cause less efficient digestion because the stomach takes longer to empty.”

15. Exercise regularly. Physical activity not only keeps you healthy, but also keeps your digestive system moving. It improves food breakdown generation and can even prevent constipation in the process.

Regular exercise keeps your digestive system moving and helps break down food.

16. Limit alcohol intake. Alcohol consumption causes both acute and chronic effects on your pancreas, stomach, small intestine and liver. Ever wondered why excessively consuming alcohol causes vomiting? Put that glass down!

17. Catch up on sleep. Your digestive organs repairs and restores its digestive capability while you rest.

18. Practice stress control. Butterflies in your stomach? Anxiety starts from your brain and slows down other parts of your body, which can include the muscles involved in digestion. Start by creating a healthy routine of regular exercise and an appropriate amount of sleep that you’re comfortable sticking to.

19. Soothe and massage your abdomen in the direction of your GI tract (circular motions from the left to right side of the ribcage to just below the belly button). Essential oils like chamomile, ginger, lavender and cinnamon can make the massage work even better.

20. Try ginger or dandelion tea. Or even better, try our Night Cleanse tea, which contains both of these ingredients and other 100% herbal ingredients to naturally cleanse the body against bloating and constipation. Tasty!

Our Night Cleanse tea will naturally cleanse the body and aid against bloating and constipation.

How do you get rid of belly bloat? Share with us by commenting below!

Health & Wellness December 22, 2014

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