How to Get A Flat Tummy in 24 Hours

emmarose flat tummy with skinnymint

Feeling tired, bloated and like your tummy has a life of its own? Girl, you need to show that body who’s boss! With a few simple tweaks (and even some tasty snacks!) a flat belly IS achievable. In just 24 hours!


So, who’s ready to kick bloat’s butt and flaunt those newfound abs?

Power Up Your Morning Workout with Gummies!

power up your mornings with skinnymint gummies

Exercise is a great way to get the system firing and boost the bod’s natural detoxification processes. Better yet, starting the day with a workout revs that metabolism, and makes you more likely to eat healthily all day long.

With a yummy espresso flavor, SkinnyMint Power Up Gummies help amp up your AM workout even more. 100% sugar-free, they’re formulated with Green Coffee Bean, which has been shown to help increase resting metabolic rate, drive weight loss and fat loss, and reduce fat absorption.* Chew two before your sweat session, and feel your energy surge!

Swap Your Morning Latte for Tea

swop your morning coffee to a cup of skinnymint morning boost

If you need a caffeine injection to get moving, you don’t have to reach for a double-shot latte. SkinnyMint Morning Boost tea contains super ingredients including green tea, guarana and yerba mate to give you energy that lasts all day. Without the Starbucks calorie hit.

Eat a Light Lunch

take a light lunch together with your skinnymint morning boost

Eating a big meal often leads to bloating, while anything too salty leaves you puffy as you retain fluid. Avoid processed foods and opt for nutritious wholefoods instead. Some yummy de-bloaters to munch on include celery, asparagus, yogurt and melon.

And remember to eat slowly and savor each mouthful. Rushing through your meal will cause you to swallow excess air, which is a one-way ticket to gassy town!

Spit Out that Gum

If you need to freshen up, try chewing on some mint or parsley. Chewing gums trap air in your belly, leading to – you guessed it – uncomfortable bloating.

Beat 3pm Sugar Cravings with Hunger Buster Gummies

curb sugar cravings with skinnymint gummies

We all get those pesky 3pm cravings for a little something sweet! Thankfully, there is a solution. SkinnyMint Hunger Buster Gummies are sweet tasting, but sugar free. With a yummy pineapple flavor, they’ll slay your sweet tooth, AND crush that hunger. While helping you achieve your weight loss goals!

SkinnyMint Hunger Buster Gummies are formulated with Garcinia Cambogia, which has been shown to help drive weight loss and fat loss.* Take two as an afternoon snack to keep you on track.

Skip Soda & Drink Water

Hydration is key for healthy digestion and to keep you regular. Sodas, diet and regular, do nothing to help. Drinking them through a straw (hello, bubbles!) is especially disastrous if you’re after a flat tummy.

Keep things moving along nicely by getting your RDI of good old H20. If you find it too boring, add in a slice of lemon or lime. Delish!

Sip Detox Tea Before Bed

skinnymint night cleanse is the perfect bedtime ritual  To ensure you wake up with a flatter tummy, SkinnyMint Night Cleanse is the all-important last step. Caffeine-free, it helps you unwind before bed with soothing and cleansing ingredients. Formulated with senna leaves, ginger root, licorice root and psyllium husk, it helps detoxify the body as you sleep. In fact, 83% of customers said the Night Cleanse helped flush them out!

So what are you waiting for? Beat the bloat and enjoy more energy by ordering your SkinnyMint Super Fat Burning Gummies and Teatox today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.



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