5 Ways to Recover from a Hangover


With the New Year fast approaching and end-of-year parties in full swing, ‘tis the season to be jolly. Which for many means waking up with a hangover after a night of overindulgence!


While prevention is always better than a cure, there are a few things that will speed up your recovery. Welcome to your morning-after action plan.

1. Drink up

Try to remember to swig a big glass of water before bed, then sip on H2O throughout the next day.

Alcohol sends you to the loo, so make rehydration your priority. (credit: @mahinaalexander)

No, silly. We’re not talking about more alcohol! It might be tempting, and some swear by it as a way of feeling human again. But you’re really just prolonging your recovery process. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means a heavy night of drinking can leave you dehydrated. Try to remember to swig a big glass of water before bed, then sip on H2O throughout the next day.

If you’re craving a coffee to deal with the tiredness, go for it. But an even better option is a hydrating herbal tea. SkinnyMint’s Morning Boost has a lovely fruity taste that won’t make you queasy, plus it’s formulated with Guarana for a natural energy boost.

2. Replace electrolytes

Keep coconut water in your fridge

Keep coconut water in the fridge for easy electrolyte replacement. (credit:@tashie_net)

As you’ve been peeing your alcohol away, you’ve also been losing electrolytes – minerals the body needs to perform different functions. The sooner these are replaced, the better you’ll feel. Coconut water is a healthy, natural source, so keep some in the fridge during the festive season. You can also pick up supplements like Hydralyte at the pharmacy, or sip on a sports drink. Just watch the sugar content!

3. Tackle that hammering headache

Aspirin, in combination with coffee, was the best cure for hangover symptoms in rats.

Sometimes headaches just won’t go away on their own. (credit: @mamiexpert)

If you feel like there’s a jackhammer inside your skull, you might need to call on some trusty pain killers. A study out of Philadelphia found aspirin, in combination with coffee, was the best cure for hangover symptoms in rats. Aspirin or ibuprofen are generally considered safe; however, your tummy might be more sensitive to these after a night of tequila shots. Some pain meds are not the greatest for an already overloaded liver, so ask your pharmacist if you’re unsure!

4. Eat something


Have a snack to help raise your blood sugar. (credit: @skinnymintcom)

Too much alcohol will suppress your blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling tired, shaky and grumpy. You need to eat to restore this balance. While bacon sandwiches are a popular ‘cure’, it’s really a personal choice. Healthy foods are obviously best to replace the vitamins and minerals you’ve lost. But we’re not going to judge. Not today.

And if you want to get a jump on your hangover? Recent research out of Australia suggests drinking pear juice before drinking alcohol could be the key.

5. Exercise

Walking, swimming or yoga classes are nice to help detoxify your body.

Get up and at ‘em, if you can. (credit: @bodybossmethod)

If you’re not feeling too horrendous, a little gentle exercise is not a bad idea. Go easy, though, and avoid anything that will dehydrate you further. Walking or swimming are nice, low-impact ways to get the blood flowing and boost your mood. Or opt for a yoga class with lots of twisting poses to help detoxify your body. But don’t push yourself if you’re really struggling! A day in bed could be just what the doctor ordered.

What’s your go-to hangover cure? Tell us in the comments below!



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