6 Victoria’s Secret Models Reveal How They Got Show-Ready


It might sound crazy, but after the incredible December 5th show, we almost feel sorry for our favourite Victoria’s Secret Angels. Sure, they’re totally genetically blessed, but strutting the runway in lingerie still takes serious guts! And clearly lots and lots of hours in the gym!


From low-calorie diets to ab-crushing workouts, here’s how Bella, Kendall and co prepped for the Paris show. Aren’t you glad to be a mere mortal?

Bella Hadid

Bella’s been at it three hours a day!

Bella trained 3 hours each day to be runway ready! (credit: @bellahadid)

It was 20-year-old Bella’s first VS outing, and she made it count with some killer prep. Like big sis and second-time Angel Gigi, Bella trained with Rob Piela at Gotham Gym. But we’re not talking half-assed workouts here – Bella sweated it out for three hours a day! To fuel her workouts and promote lean muscles she also loaded up on protein. And boy did it pay off!

Gigi Hadid

Gigi is stepping up her regular boxing routine to get Paris-ready.

Caption: Gigi’s been working hard to get those rock-hard abs. (credit: @vimeo)

Gigi’s no slouch any time of year, but she stepped up her regular boxing routine to get Paris-ready. A natural athlete and former volleyball star, Gigi’s trainer says she works her butt off at the gym. As well as hitting the ring, she keeps it simple with lots of floor work, including planks. No wonder the girl has the best abs in the business! (Speaking of a flat tummy, 91% of customers say they felt less bloated after a SkinnyMint teatox!)

Kendall Jenner

Kendall goes to her trainer, then she goes for a run a couple hours later.

Kendall is all VS show-ready in her birthday dress. (credit: @kendalljenner)

Recently rocking a sparkly silver mini dress for her 21st birthday, Kenny has never looked better. And we suspect some serious training is to thank for her sizzling form on the VS runway. She admits to working out like crazy for last year’s show, telling PeopleStyle: “I’d go to my trainer, then I’d go for a run a couple hours later.” We bet she worked just as hard this time round.

Lily Aldridge

The super slim brunette maintains her knockout bod with a mix of yoga, ballet and reformer pilates.

Lily steps up her regular workouts to twice a day before a VS show. (credit: @victoriasport)

It’s hard to believe this was hot mama Lily’s 8th VS show! The super slim brunette maintains her knockout bod with a mix of yoga, ballet and reformer pilates. And if you think that sounds easy, you should check out one of her workout videos! Speaking to Allure, she says: “About two months in advance, I’ll start amping up my workouts and changing my diet slightly. And I’ll go to two workouts a day… I eat a lot of protein and vegetables.”

Josephine Skriver & Jasmine Tookes

Tookes is super into resistance training and weights while Skriver's major loves yoga.

These best buds are really into health and fitness! (credit: @joja)

Fitness-mad besties and Angels Josephine and Jasmine even created their own healthy Instagram account, Joja, in the lead up to Paris. Full of training tips and videos, including killer buddy workouts, it’s serious #fitspo goals! Tookes is super into resistance training and weights while Skriver tells Vogue about her major love. “For the mind and soul, I love yoga! I’ve been getting into it lately and it really helps soothe me.” We’re sure it helped to ease the stress pre-show!

Who’s your all-time favorite Angel? Tell us in the comments below.

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