6 Hacks for a Flatter Belly


A washboard stomach is high on our list of Christmas wishes. But endless ab crunches don’t really excite us…


Thankfully, we’ve found the fast-track to a flatter belly. From simple diet tweaks to fun fitness moves, here are six handy hacks for a taut, toned tummy. What are you waiting for?

1. Ditch the soda… and the straw!

Fizzy drinks and straws are one of the major dietary causes of bloating.

Bubbles in your glass lead to bubbles in your tummy… (credit: @theinspirationroom)

Fizzy drinks are one of the major dietary causes of bloating. The gas in carbonated drinks like cola gets trapped in the gut. Which is both uncomfortable and awkward if it makes your belly stick out. Ditch the straw, too, as drinking with one means you’ll swallow more air. Another cause of the dreaded bloat!

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2. Do this belly-busting move

Do this at-home exercise.

A 4-minute mini plank series is great for toning between pilates classes. (credit: @bodybossmethod)

Pilates is a core-some workout, and Reformation Pilates’ Alexandra Grounds has given us this at-home exercise. “Starting in plank, keep the belly engaged by lifting the belly button towards the spine and shortening the distance between ribcage and pubic bone. Stack the elbows and wrists under the shoulders and press the shoulders towards the ceiling.

“Hold for 30 seconds on the elbows, palms facing forward. Transition onto hands and hold for 60 seconds. Then lift and point the toes of the left foot, hover above the floor for 30 second then swap to the right foot. Come down on to the elbows for a further 60 seconds before transitioning onto the hands for the last 30 seconds!”

3. Eat more of the 3 Cs

Iit contains a natural appetite suppressant.

Chia, cacao and coconut = easier weight loss. (credit: @howsweeteats)

There are a bunch of waistline-friendly foods out there, but these are probably the most delicious. (Well, chia’s kind of flavorless, but awesome in a pudding). Raw organic cacao is not only an antioxidant powerhouse, it contains a natural appetite suppressant. Chia is high in good fats and expands in the belly to keep you full and prevent snack attacks. The final ab-friendly C, coconut oil, has been shown to not only boost the metabolism but actually reduce belly fat.

4. Use a Fit-hoop

Fithoop is a clever weighted hula hoop that tones your abs and waist.

Revisit your favorite childhood pastime: hula hooping! (credit: @fithoop)

If you hate the dull repetition of planks or crunches, this one’s for you! Fithoop is a clever weighted hula hoop that tones your abs and waist. Just ten minutes of hooping action will burn around 70-100 calories! Plus, you’ll have loads of fun hooping to your workout mix and strengthen your core and back, too.

5. Try a teatox

Another good tactic to banish bloating is with a teatox.

Drink tea for a flatter tummy. (credit: @kylieeerae)

Another good tactic to banish bloating is with a teatox. The SkinnyMint 28-Day Teatox boasts two delicious natural teas: Morning Boost and Night Cleanse. The teas are hydrating and ultra-cleansing, with a huge 91% of customers saying they felt less bloated after their last SkinnyMint cleanse.

6. Perfect your posture!

Good posture will help you look leaner and more confident.

Stand up tall and you’ll instantly look slimmer. (credit: @laurenlotus)

Shaving an inch or so off your belly can be as easy as standing taller. Seriously! Good posture will help you look leaner and more confident. So practice the perfect posture today!

To do so, Collins Place Physio’s Jane Lau recommends standing with your back against a wall and feet together a few inches from the wall. Your head, shoulders, and lower back should be touching the wall. Draw your shoulder blades down and towards the opposite hips in an ‘X’ direction.

“If someone practices standing against a wall in this way, it will put them in an ideal posture, with the ears, shoulders, hips and ankles aligned,” says Jane. “Step away from the wall while maintaining that position and you’ll be in an ideal posture!”

How do you keep your stomach in ab-tastic shape? Tell us in the comments below.
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