5 Awesome Reasons to Teatox This Fall


As the weather turns cold, it can be tempting to snuggle in and indulge in comfort foods and calorie-laden creamy drinks. But you really shouldn’t fall off the wagon just because it’s Fall! It’s actually the perfect time to keep your body clean and lean with a teatox.


Not only is tea soothing and delicious, it has a host of benefits for the body. Not convinced? Pop on the kettle, put your feet up, and discover 5 awesome reasons to teatox this fall!

1. You’ll have more energy

Morning Boost will power you through the day.

SkinnyMint gives you a long-lasting, all-natural energy boost! (credit: @skinnymintcom)

Rather than reaching for your usual caramel latte, you’ll love starting the day right with a zero-calorie, energising Morning Boost tea. Packed with stimulating, antioxidant-rich natural ingredients like green tea, dandelion and guarana, Morning Boost will power you through the day. The tea has been expertly formulated to taste amazing, too – it has a delish fruity flavour and can be sipped throughout the day to help keep sweet cravings at bay.

2. The waistband on your skinny jeans might feel more comfy

One of the best ways to get enviable abs is by banishing annoying bloating.

If you’re struggling with bloating, a teatox might be the solution. (credit: @pamela_rf)

We all want a flatter tummy, and one of the best ways to get enviable abs is by banishing annoying bloating. A recent survey found a whopping 91% of SkinnyMint customers felt less bloated after their 28 Day Teatox!

3. It will help cleanse your body

A Teatox aids digestion and encourages a good night’s sleep.

A teatox will aid the body’s cleansing processes. (credit: @marinamartini)

A hardcore diet detox can be challenging, but a teatox is a simple way to help cleanse your body. SkinnyMint’s Night Cleanse tea is formulated without caffeine, with calming and cleansing ingredients to aid digestion and encourage a good night’s sleep. Ginger root is anti-bloating, peppermint aids digestion and hawthorn berries improve circulation and can ease anxiety.

4. Unlike a juice cleanse, a teatox will keep you warm and cosy

Tea is wonderful at regulating your body temperature.

Beat the chill with warm, soothing tea breaks! (credit: @val.mercado)

Who wants to drink icy juices and smoothies when it’s cold outside?! Tea is wonderful at regulating your body temperature – it’s cooling in summer, and warming in fall and winter. So drink up!

5. You’ll be part of a worldwide movement

Joining a likeminded group of incredible women like the SkinnyMint community can really help.

Join the teatox gang! (credit: @teammodels)

If you want to stay motivated with your health and fitness goals, joining a likeminded group of incredible women can really help. You can follow SkinnyMint on Instagram, check out real customer results, and share your very own journey by posting your before and after pics on Instagram, tagging #skinnymint #skinnymintresults.

What are you waiting for? Get your 28 Day Teatox today! Why else do you love teatoxing? Tell us in the comments below!

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