6 Ways to Make Your Workout Work Harder


When it comes to exercise, quality is just as important as quantity.  As time is such a precious commodity, shorter bursts of high-intensity activity are increasingly replacing longer cardio sessions.


Basically, we’re all wanting more bang for our fitness buck. Any trainer will tell you it’s better to do 10 reps with perfect form than 50 sloppy squats. So, to get you off on the right foot, here are 6 easy tricks to make your workout work harder for you. And maximise the benefits for your body and mind.

Work Out in the Morning

Start each day with a morning work-out

Do your workout first thing so it becomes a habit. (credit: @onzie)

The best time to work out really depends on the individual, but an early morning sweat session is our pick. Exercising on an empty stomach helps to fire up fat burning, combat cravings and set you up for a healthy and productive day. The best part? The hard work is done, and you won’t have to dread your workout all day long. Or miss it altogether if you get stuck at the office.

Don’t Skip the Warm Up

Warming-up is important to avoid injuries

Get the blood pumping for warm muscles and fewer injuries. (credit: @aeriallynn)

If you’re following tip 1 and working out first thing in the morning, it might be tempting to hit the snooze button and skip the warm up. Don’t. Warming up gets your muscles, joints and heart ready for action, and significantly reduces the risk of injury. Warm ups vary, and can be as simple as a brisk, 5-minute walk before your run.  

Prepare a Killer Playlist

Look for the most energetic music for better motivation

Prep your tunes pre-workout (credit: @victoriasport)

Working out without music is kind of like Channing without Jenna: it just doesn’t make sense. Music has been shown to impact mood and can also help you maintain a steady rhythm. So choose tracks with a pumping beat that make you feel happy, powerful or fierce like Beyonce. Create your playlists in advance rather than sifting through all those embarrassing songs on your iPhone.  

Buddy Up

grab a buddy and go sweat!

Getting fit is more fun with your friends. (credit: @nikewomen)

Fact: It’s much harder to skip a workout when your BFF is waiting on your doorstep. Plus, working out in pairs or groups can bring out your competitive spirit and improve your results. Training groups and classes are a great way to meet like-minded people, and a whole lot healthier than a trip to the pub.

Stretch it Out

Don't forget to stretch after your work-out to avoid muscle soreness

Stretching is never a waste of time. (credit: @victoriasport)

Stretching doesn’t burn a hell of a lot of calories, so why bother? To keep muscles limber and elongated and increase strength, for starters. Any workout that involve muscle contractions should be followed with a stretching routine. Hold each stretch steady for 30 seconds, without rocking or pushing the body too hard.

Choose the Right Post-Workout Snack

Make sure you eat the right post-workout snacks

Refuel, but do it right. (credit: @skinnyrecipe, @blueberrysmoothies)

Eating after a workout might seem counter-productive if you want to lose weight. But a snack or small meal within half an hour is not only ok, it’s recommended. Just make sure you’re refuelling in the right way. Here are 5 of the best post-workout snacks to munch next time you’ve earned your appetite.

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If you have any other great workout tips, we’d love you to share them in the comments below!

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