6 Awesome Reasons to Work Out (That Aren’t About Weightloss)


We all know that working out is good for our waistlines, and keeping those calories in check. But weightloss is just one of the reasons a sweaty workout session should be top of your to-do list.


If you’re feeling flat and unmotivated, here are 6 awesome reasons to put on your runners and get active!

You’ll Make Friends

You can meet a lot of new people when exercising

Work out with friends – old and new. (credit: @onzie)

As we get older, it can be hard to make new friends. Joining a running team, booty camp or pilates class is a great way to connect with like-minded fitspo fans. Working out with a group brings out your competitive spirit and helps you stay motivated. Exercise is also double the fun with a buddy, so grab your BFF and get physical!

It Makes You Happier

Nothing feels better than smiling when you're working out

Work up a sweat and flex that smile. (credit: @lululemon)

Yes, really. You might groan through every minute of your spin class, but studies prove that a good workout releases dopamine into your brain. This chemical plays a big role in happiness levels. That explains that feel-good buzz you get after a great workout.

You’ll Sleep Better

Working out is a good way to sleep better.

Working out will improve your beauty sleep. (credit: @michellematuro)

Regular exercise can help you drift off to sleep more easily AND improve the quality of your snooze. A 2010 study out of Northwestern University looking at insomnia, found that participants reported a significant improvement in sleep patterns from ‘poor’ to ‘good’ following 16 weeks of regular aerobic workouts.

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And Be Healthier All Round

Working out allows you to say fit and healthy

Get moving to stay fit and healthy. (credit: fabletics)

Regular exercise improves your cardiovascular (heart) health, lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke. It also lowers the risk of certain cancers, boosts level of good cholesterol, and helps prevent type 2 diabetes. All good reasons to get off the couch!

You’ll Feel Less Stressed

Exercising helps you to relax

Move more to stress less. (credit: yoga_girl)

It’s not just yoga that will make you feel all Zen. Pretty much any type of exercise will help you manage stress levels. This is partly through the release of endorphins, which are basically nature’s morphine. Some workouts that involve repetitive action, such as laps of the pool, can also be quite meditative as you get lulled into the rhythm.

And More Confident

You might feel a little cheeky due to the feel-good hormones!

With all the feel-good hormones flowing, you’ll probably feel a little cheeky. (credit: @hollydazecoffeyyy)

Fact: exercise makes you feel good. It releases hormones that improve your mood, which has a positive impact on your self-esteem. As you become fitter and more toned, you’ll be more confident to bust out that bikini, or slip into that workout gear.

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We’d also love to hear why you work out! Tell us in the comments below.

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