SkinnyMint transformations: Stephanie’s teatox journey


Full-time stay-at-home mother Stephanie was struggling to get fit and lose weight until she tried SkinnyMint. Find out how she changed her life and her body with our teatox.


As a mother of two toddlers, 24-year-old Stephanie is super busy. So it’s understandable she needed a little help with her weightloss journey! She’d seen the amazing results of other SkinnyMint fans, so thought she’d give the 14 Day Starter Teatox a go. As you can see, her results are great – she’s slimmer and less bloated, and has already ordered the 28 Day Teatox! Here’s her teatox story.

She did her research

Steffy searched about our healthy ingredients

Steffy read up about SkinnyMint’s healthy ingredients. (credit: @steffyyphung,

“I started SkinnyMint because I wanted something to help with my bloating and losing weight. I liked what I read about the product and the ingredients in the tea were very healthy. Also the results I saw on people’s pages were incredible!” 

She loved starting each day with SkinnyMint.

Steffy loves the taste and energy boost she got after drinking her Morning Boost

Steffy loves the taste and energy boost she gets from SkinnyMint! (credit: @beauteactive)

“I take it every morning before my breakfast. I always feel so much energy throughout the day! I also cancelled out coffee because I didn’t feel like I needed it anymore.”

Even after her teatox, she still drinks SkinnyMint! “I still to this day take the Morning Boost every day. I feel like the Morning Boost gives me a great start to my busy day with two toddlers.”

She made sure she worked out and ate well.

Steffy ate healthy breakfast during her Teatox!

Steffy knows the importance of a healthy breakfast! (credit: @steffyyphung, @paolaa_sb)

“During my teatox, I was working out 5 to 6 days a week. I usually wake up at 6am every day and go to the gym. If I don’t go to the gym, then I would stay home and do some work out videos I find on YouTube. I also started to meal prep. My meal prep would consist of lots of veggies, chicken, fish, ground beef or turkey, and rice. I would switch it up in different weeks. I would sometimes have two meal preps and a smoothie shake between my meals. I would also cut up fruits and eat them as snacks throughout the day.”

She loved the results of her 14 Day Teatox!

In just 14 days, her stomach looked flatter!

After just 14 days, Steffy’s stomach’s much flatter! (credit: @steffyyphung)

“My stomach is flatter and my bloating has gone down a lot as you can see in the picture! I’ve already ordered my 28 day teatox!!! Skinny Mint is amazing! Thanks for the extra boost!!”

She wants other mamas to know they can do it, too!

She is an inspiration for other mums

Stephanie’s an inspiration to other stay-at-home moms. (credit: @steffyphung)

“If I can do it, then any other mamas out there can also do it! Don’t be hard on yourself, take your time and be patient! Having a baby is a beautiful experience! There is no such thing as getting ‘your body back’, but you can work on improving your body and making yourself feel happy with your body.”

Find out more about Stephanie’s journey on Instagram: @steffyyphung

Stephanie regained control of her body with SkinnyMint. Give it a go and make sure you share the results of your 28 Day Teatox with us, too!

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*Every body type is different, so results experienced may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.



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