5 Beach Workout That Are Actually Fun


Whether you’re on holidays or just feel like having an outdoor workout, the beach is an awesome place to torch calories and tone up.


Do you know that soft sand is great for your joints and makes you work harder, and the sea is perfect for water sports and fun games? Instead of just lazing around on your towel, get active and work up a sweat with one of these 5 awesome beach workouts. Just remember to slip, slop, slap!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-Up Paddling is perfect to use all important muscles

Stand-Up Paddling is a super fun workout that uses all your major muscles. (credit: @supthemag)

One of the hottest fitness trends of the last few years, stand up paddle boarding is a total full body workout. You’ll feel the burn in your abs, legs and arms, but it’s low impact so there’s no real chance of injury. To blast more calories, have a Stand-Up Paddling race with some friends.


Look for the perfect place to do your yoga!

Find a quiet, stable spot for yoga – not like these rocks! (credit: @actionjacquelyn)

Not all workouts have to be full energy – you need to look after that mind-body connection too. Yoga is the perfect way to do that, and the beach makes a beautiful setting to practice your Warrior I. Remember to bring a mat (or a towel will do), and find a quiet spot with an even surface. Sand everywhere will ruin your Zen, so do your moves on grass if possible.


Looking for a sport to work on your balance? Try surfing

Surfing will build your balance and wear you out! (credit: @wetsuitwarehouse)

Surfers bodies are HOT for a reason – riding the waves is seriously hard (but fun) work! Paddling is a great cardiovascular workout, and your legs and core will come into play as you try to stay standing. Book some beginners’ classes if you’re new to the sport, or better yet, find a surfer dude to teach you.

Beach Volleyball

Volleyball will help to improve your coordination.

Improve your hand-eye coordination with a fun game of beach volleyball. (credit:@reeeeiiiix)

Grab a group of friends and engage in some friendly rivalry with an action-packed game of beach volleyball. You’ll burn some serious calories, test your balance, speed and reflexes, and have a heap of fun in the process. It also works your shoulders, arms, back and core. And, if you’ve ever seen a professional volleyball player, you’ll know it works wonders on your butt as well!

Soft Sand Running

Running on the sand is perfect for your legs

Give those legs a workout by running on soft sand. (credit: victoriasport)

There’s something liberating about running in bare feet on silky sand – provided it’s not too hot! Choose softer sand for a more intense workout – you’ll engage a bunch of muscle groups as you have to work harder to make progress and stay balanced. But while it’s hard and a serious fat blaster, it’s also easy on your joints unlike road running.

Did we miss your favourite beach workout? Tell us in the comments!

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