SkinnyMint transformations: Tiffany’s teatox journey

If you’ve been thinking about joining the perfect program to help you take control of your body and health, take a cue from SkinnyMint babe Tiffany Frank and start your teatox journey now.

“So I finally completed my 28 day teatox and I’m pretty happy with the results! I started off at 133 lbs and now I’m back down to 121 lbs. I know my body still isn’t the best but it’s a good start to how I want my body to look!”*

Don’t take it from us — take it from real SkinnyMint customer and mega-cutie, Tiffany Frank. Her first SkinnyMint 28-Day Ultimate Teatox helped her shed an astonishing 12 pounds without going on any specific diet or workout, but that only proved to help her get back on track towards a more wholesome health journey.

Tiffany became more mindful of her lifestyle and hopped onto a fitness routine — this girl rides about 17 miles every day! Now, she is on her third SkinnyMint 28-Day Ultimate Teatox and on the road again to completely transform her physique. What about you?

“I saw results after the first week!”

Tiffany tells a follower after revealing her first SkinnyMint 28-Day Ultimate Teatox transformation with a 12-pound weight loss.

She then embarks on her second teatox with a positive attitude.

Tiffany relaxes with her Night Cleanse Tea.

She shares: “This tea is great and makes me fall asleep pretty quick”.

Sporting some amazing baby abs, she is slowly but surely on the road to a healthy transformation.

This babe is unstoppable.

Tiffany starts on her third round of SkinnyMint 28-Day Ultimate Teatox.

With her SkinnyMint teatox, Tiffany is all geared up for an active, healthy lifestyle!

Take control and get into the best form of your life with SkinnyMint. Are you game?

(All pictures reposted from Instagram user tiffany_frank.)

*Every body type is different so results experienced may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.

Customer Stories October 24, 2015

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