Workout routine mistakes you might be making

Are you having workout fail? It might be down to these easy-to-make mistakes. Find out how you can fix your routine.

If you’re working out but hardly see any results, read on to find out if you’re guilty of one of the following.

Your routine consists of only cardio

While walking on the treadmill is way better than being a couch potato and running is an excellent form of calorie-burning exercise, you can amp up your fitness and weight loss regime by alternating cardio with weights.

According to Jari Love (Get Extremely Ripped: 1000 Hardcore DVD), “One study found that when individuals cycled for 30 minutes a day, they lost three pounds of fat and gained a half pound of muscle in eight weeks. But individuals who cycled for 15 minutes and weight trained for 15 minutes a day lost 10 pounds of fat and gained two pounds of calorie-burning muscle.” Moreover, only one form of cardio can be repetitive on muscles and joints, which puts you at risk for injury.

Mix up your cardio sessions each week (jogging/ cycling/ Zumba/ swimming) with a change of pace (as opposed to a steady pace). Throw in some weights for some strength training too.

Working out on an empty stomach

When you work out on an empty stomach, the calories you burn come from muscle, not fat. Have breakfast an hour before heading to the gym or at least a healthy pre-workout snack (e.g. apple slices with almond butter, banana and nuts, etc.) to start your metabolism.

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Pigging out afterwards

The average workout burns around 300 calories, similar to the amount of calories found in a cupcake.

To avoid the post workout binge, plan your snacks in advance. The ultimate snack should be high in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and low in fat, which will refuel and repair your muscles.

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Share your workout routine tips below.

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