Workout fixes for your problem areas

Muffin top, flabby bottom, jiggly-arms or saggy breasts? Try these quick workouts to fix your problem areas.

You’ve been working out but for some reason, you just can’t seem to wriggle the jiggle off this particular area of your body. What now? Well, now that you’ve identified your problem area, it’s time to crush it with some targeted training.

Whether you’re bogged down with a muffin top, flabby bottom, jiggly-arms or saggy breasts, we’ve selected the best targeted workout videos on YouTube to help you focus and combat every individual problem area.

All these workouts only require less than 10 minutes of your time, so they’re perfect even for when you’re pressed for time. And if you’re game for more, simply combine these targeted workouts into one for a full-body sculpting and trimming routine.

If you have a muffin top

If you’re sporting a roll of fat on the tummy then it’s time to take it to task. Fitness trainer Kelsey Lee guides you through eight ab exercises (including the unavoidable crunches) for a waist slimming and ab toning effect. Plus, muffins are better when eaten anyway.

Each exercise is about 30 to 60 seconds each, and they all add up to less than seven minutes. The video features a time clock and even tells you what the next exercise move is to keep you prepared and engaged throughout the workout.

If you have a flabby bottom

To help lift up your butt and keep it firm and perky, trainer Kelli focuses on the muscles on your thighs and bottoms. During this workout, you’ll be embracing all kinds of squat movements for cardiovascular and toning benefits.

Make sure you do a light warmup to activate your muscles before this gruelling routine. Even Kelli had a hard time keeping up — definitely some kind of a gauge to tell you how challenging this routine could be. In just five minutes, you’ll be burning about 27 to 46 calories.

If you have jiggly-arms

Get ready jiggly-arms, Jillian Michaels is going to grill you to perfection. This quick and effective strength training workout showcases a series of cardio and weight lifting exercises to boost your heart rate and sculpt your arm and shoulder muscles. You’ll be alternating between a jump rope and dumbbells to promote fat burning and muscle definition at the same time.

If you have saggy breasts

Give a little lift and tone to your ladies by strengthening your pectoral muscles with this chest and back workout by fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise. Working on your pecs will improve how your breasts lay on your chest wall so that they will appear suppler, firmer and possibly even give an illusion of a pair of larger bosoms.

Additionally, building muscle strength on your back will introduce better posture and less stress on the well-endowed ladies. Once you’re done, head over to find out our five best exercise moves for perky boobs.

What is your problem area? Ask us for workout tips below.

Health & Wellness September 2, 2015

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