Surprising benefits of teatoxing

Teatoxing helps you to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Get ready to be surprised by these mind-blowing benefits*.

Sure, you know that teatoxing is an effective and all-natural way to kick start a healthy lifestyle. But do you know that the SkinnyMint teatox offers other valuable health benefits too?

Morning Boost gives you a kickstart in the morning

Morning Boost Tea isn’t too strong for you yet it provides the right kick to start your day. (Photo reposted from Instagram user Daniellamonet)

The two key ingredients that keep you going in the Morning Boost Tea is Green Tea and Yerba Mate. The good thing about this tea is that it contains ca. 80% caffeine as compared to coffee — it isn’t too strong for you yet it provides the right kick to start your day. It also gives you less of a crash afterwards, so you don’t feel like you need to reach out for another cup of not-so-healthy coffee brew.

Ps: If you’re a bona fide coffee addict (we don’t blame you), we recommend that you stick to just one cup and have as many cups of Morning Boost Tea as you like for the rest of the day.

Night Cleanse soothes the tummy

The Night Cleanse Tea is blended with Ginger and Liquorice Root. (Photo reposted from Instagram user Pizzapizza_nisa)

Blended with Ginger and Liquorice Root, drinking the Night Cleanse Tea may help you take some tension off the tummy. Ginger increases heat and blood circulation which helps to keep your tummy warm and cozy, while Liquorice Root is known to be good for your intestines and relaxes your muscles for relief.

Morning Boost nourishes the body

Nourishments from the Morning Boost Tea from the green tea leaves. (Photo reposted from Instagram user Skopljak)

The Morning Boost Tea contains 1,230mg of Green Tea leaves that have not been oxidized, which means that it still retains an amazing amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

In addition, as mentioned previously, drinking your Morning Boost Tea instead of coffee gives you less of a crash afterwards, so your concentration remains solid and stable throughout the day, without any lull periods.

Night Cleanse can help you get rid of your bloating

The Night Cleanse Tea is equipped with a mild laxative effect. (Photo reposted from Instagram user Steph_pacca)

You may experience a churning tummy and visit the bathroom more often in the mornings after you start drinking your Night Cleanse Tea. Don’t worry, it’s normal. The Night Cleanse Tea contains Senna Leaves and Psyllium Husk, which are equipped with a mild laxative effect. Guarana Fruit and Orange Leaves also calm intestinal stress, which then aids in digestion and combat flatulence. Over 80% of SkinnyMint customers felt less bloated after completing the 28 Day Ultimate Teatoxsee the results here.

Morning Boost contains appetite suppressing ingredients

Morning Boost adds that bit of flavour to your senses, keeping your tummy and cravings satisfied in between meals — without piling the calories. (Photo reposted from Instagram user Desimakeup)

Infused with deliciously flavored ingredients like Yerba Mate and Guarana fruit, your Morning Boost Tea could very well be a form of appetite suppression when drunk throughout the day. Morning boost adds that bit of flavour to your senses – without piling the calories.

Night Cleanse keeps you relaxed

The Night Cleanse Tea is a caffeine-free brew that keeps you relaxed and ready for the evening. (Photo reposted from Instagram user Melwitharosee)

The Night Cleanse Tea is a caffeine-free brew that is crafted with calming ingredients like Orange Leaves and Lemongrass to keep you relaxed and ready for the evening. Orange Leaves is a natural relaxant, while it is interesting to know that Lemongrass is a great mouth-taste-neutralizer, which helps to rid your breath of nasty, strong food flavors.

Got your teatoxing kick on? Embark on your SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox program now!

*Every body type is different so results experienced may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.

Detox & Cleanse August 12, 2015

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