SkinnyMint men transformations

Who says men don’t teatox? These guys show you how their SkinnyMint teatox helped them fire up a healthier and fitter lifestyle*.

If you’re wondering if men can drink SkinnyMint too, our answer is a definite yes! After all, the purpose of a teatox is to nurture your body so that it can better absorb nutrients. So yes, anyone can benefit from a SkinnyMint teatox — guys included.

After sharing so many amazing transformations from our ladies, we say it’s time to show some love to our SkinnyMint men. Below, our favourite guys embracing a healthier and fitter lifestyle with a little boost from their SkinnyMint teatox program.

Mariano thinks his SkinnyMint tea is the perfect alternative to overeating 

Ryan is eating healthier and loving his body more and more

Abbas craves his SkinnyMint tea, even when he’s on-the-go

Qing Guo lost two kilograms 14 days into his teatox, along with a clean diet and fitness program

Andrea starts his day looking and feeling great every morning

A couple who works out together, stays together. Joeand his other half, Araitz, are geared up for a gruelling obstacle course event.

Got a question before you embark on your SkinnyMint teatox journey? Ask us by commenting below.

*Every body type is different so results experienced may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.

Customer Stories July 13, 2015

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