SkinnyMint transformations: Camille’s teatox journey

Embark on your teatox journey with real-life inspirations: Camille dropped 10 pounds in a month with a powerful combo of a healthy lifestyle and her 28-Day Ultimate Teatox program*. 

In just one month, fashion and beauty YouTuber Camille Johnson shed 10 pounds — from 140 to 130 pounds — thanks to eating healthy, working out and indulging in her SkinnyMint 28-Day Ultimate Teatox.

Camille is completely happy and excited about her results and glad that she has finally started working towards her health goal.

“I tried out SkinnyMint Tea and completed the whole teatox. It took 28 days and I worked so hard to make those days count. I never missed a cup of tea, I cut out all sugar and salt, ate healthier, and started a daily workout routine. I have to say I am so completely happy and excited about my results and glad I finally got off my butt and started working towards my goal,” Camille says.

“As you can see, I have a little bit less of a stomach (and I have less love handles on the sides)… that’s what 28 days of work(ing out) and teatoxing can do for you,” notes Camille.

Now, not only has Camille lost 10 pounds, she’s also gone from a flabby belly to a toner tummy and she couldn’t be more satisfied with blasting out her problem area. Way to go, babe! Watch and see what she thought about her SkinnyMint 28-Day Ultimate Teatox.

“I am going to continue working out and losing more weight this summer until I have reached my goal, then I will continue with these healthy habits to maintain my body,” Camille maintains.

Now that’s the spirit! Are YOU ready for your best body with SkinnyMint 28-Day Ultimate Teatox yet?

(Screen captures from YouTube user Offbeatlook)

*Every body type is different so results experienced may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.

Customer Stories July 9, 2015

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