A day in the life of a SkinnyMint model

Sun, sea, sand and swimming pigs. It’s all in a day of the life of a SkinnyMint model, well five models actually. We go behind the scenes  and take a sneak peek at a SkinnyMint photo-shoot. Warning – major envy alert!

They had only meant to stay for a quick Pina Colada, but as they left the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, they realized the sun had set and they would be navigating their boat back home in the dark.

It had been a long day shooting SkinnyMint’s latest photo-shoot on Staniel Cay — a small island in the heart of the Exumas island chain in The Bahamas — and the five models, photographer and two crew were armed with just the torches on their cell phones to light the way.

It was a slow journey home under a starry Bahamian sky for the SkinnyMint models and crew. (Photo: Staniel Rents @stanielrents)

Stepping onto the boat, the normally quick ten minute journey became a lengthy starlit voyage and the energy and exuberance of the yacht club was forgotten as the serenity of the night took hold.

Floating home under a blanket of stars on a quiet Bahamian evening was just another indelible memory for the SkinnyMint crew on an already eventful shoot.

Being chased by ‘Big Momma’

Don’t mess with Big Momma! This big piggy likes her space. (Photo: Staniel Rents @stanielrents)

For our babe, a peaceful boat-ride home was certainly preferable to the terrifying moment when she was chased down the beach by ‘Big Momma’, one of the island’s famous wild pigs.

The crew had been trying to get a picture of Devin with Big Momma (nicknamed because she was the biggest pig there), but as she crept closer the animal was getting more and more frustrated that she wasn’t being fed, until eventually the beast let out a giant squeal and rushed at the model.

Rather than come to her aid, her fellow models and crew watched on in hysterics as the large beast pursued her down the sand. Running into the ocean wasn’t an option either because these wild pigs can swim!

Despite being deserted by her companions, Devin survived to tell the tale. And legend-in-the-making, Big Momma is now happily munching apples on her little patch of Bahamian sand.

Get to know the SkinnyMint models a.k.a the #BBs (Bahamas Babes)

These ladies embody the SkinnyMint spirit of being healthy and gorgeous (Photo: France Duque @franceduque).

We gathered together a beautiful group of ladies who embody the SkinnyMint attitude of celebrating the joy of being healthy and gorgeous. They really #DareToBeGorgeous, so get to know the SkinnyMint babes, professional surfer Anastasia Ashley @anastasiaashley,  fashionblogger, designer and globetrotter Angelica Blick @angelicablick  and photographer and model France Duque @franceduque.

The location

At SkinnyMint we celebrate being healthy and gorgeous in spirit and body and to honor this positive attitude where better to go for our photo-shoot than to a naturally beautiful island in the heart of the Bahamas.

Staniel Cay can be found in the Exumas, a 120-mile long chain of 365 islands about 75 miles south of the Bahamian capital Nassau and 250 miles southeast of Miami.

The island itself is less than two square miles, but with a yacht club, marina, three restaurants and bar, it is a haven for tourists, who come to experience its natural beauty and attractions and hang out with the friendly locals.

What do models do between shoots?

It’s a wild life on Staniel Cay. (Photo: Staniel Rents @stanielrents)

Well, we don’t know about other models, but SkinnyMint models on a SkinnyMint shoot have the time of their lives exploring Staniel Cay and the surrounding islands.

You’ll find them whizzing around on their super-charged jet skis, being towed on an inner tube or wake-boarding behind their motorboat, or having lunch on a sandbank in the middle of the ocean. They also love swimming with the pigs (yep, those pigs again), stingrays and nurse sharks. Snorkelling the reefs, fishing, feeding iguanas, or just kicking back by the pool or on the beach. They even discovered some untouched islands to wander around.

The wildlife

Big Momma’s little sister takes a walk on the beach, whilst our babes get friendly with the locals (Photo: Staniel Rents @stanielrents).

You’re already acquainted with Big Momma and her fellow swimming pigs, but there are plenty of other types of wildlife on Staniel Cay and the waters surrounding it.

The SkinnyMint crew got to snorkel with thousands of tropical fish in the expansive reef, they also discovered that the nurse sharks liked to be petted (although they warn to watch out for your toes) and were able to feed some very cute iguanas.

The digs

Dolce Vita is one of three luxurious holiday homes in the Staniel Rents group on Staniel Cay (Photo: Staniel Rents @stanielrents).

The SkinnyMint models and crew are a tight bunch who love hanging together, but everyone needs a little ‘me’ time every now and then. Luckily the models had ‘Dolce Vita’, a luxurious holiday home to escape to and with five huge bedroom suites there was room for all, plus spacious living room and a kitchen.

Outside they could dive into a private freshwater pool, sip cocktails at the deck bar, bask in the sun on the sundecks and if they got tired of the view of the beach and ocean they could just take a few steps down to the white sandy beach below.

The food and drink

A world class chef cooked meals every morning and evening for our SkinnyMint models, including freshly caught fish — delicious (Photo: France Duque @franceduque).

Soggy sandwiches just won’t do for the SkinnyMint crew. We’re all about fresh, wholesome food and the generous peeps at Staniel Rents were kind enough to arrange a world class chef to cook meals every morning and evening for our ladies.

Freshly caught fish was on the menu, plus poultry, steak and salads and for lunch the chef would often pack sandwiches (of the non-soggy variety), or the crew would stop by the yacht club for a bite. And, the models tell us, they would often ‘refresh’ themselves with one of the famous, and delicious, yacht club Pina Coladas. Hey, everyone’s allowed a little treat every now and then you know!

But they didn’t forget the most important drink… their SkinnyMint teatox. As France Duque told her 79 thousand Insta follers, “Staying lean and healthy during my #bahamas trip with @skinnymintcom  #Summer IsCalling #SkinnyMint”. Even models need a teatox every now and then.

Until next time…

We’re definitely heading to Dolce Vita on Staniel Cay again and if you’ve been inspired by our trip then head to Staniel Rents to find out how you can spend your next vacation.

And if you spot Big Momma, tell her Devin says, ‘hi’.

Where is your dream vacation destination? Share your holiday dreams below.

 Main image: France Duque @franceduque).

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