SkinnyMint favorite summer holiday destination: the Bahamas

Three words: luxury, lifestyle and the Bahamas. Check into the summer holiday akakf your dreams at any one of these three Staniel Rents vacation homes.

This just can’t be summer love. Known for its warm, appealing climate 24/7, the Bahamas is the place to be all year round. If you’re looking for a spectacular, paradisal retreat that will give all your past summer vacays a run for their money, look no further. We’ve found our favorite rental homes in the region, and we know you’re going to love it too.

These three stellar properties will let you soak in the whole Bahamian experience, starting from the panoramic Atlantic ocean view right on your doorstep. Our SkinnyMint babes totally approve, read on to find out why.

SkinnyMint babes on location in Staniel Cay’s most luxurious rental homes by Staniel Rents.

Situated in the heart of the Exumas at Staniel Cay, these three properties — Lazy Bay, Farniente and Dolce Vita — by Staniel Rents are the most luxurious rental homes in the area. We know because mega-babe France Duque was there on location with her Gremly Media crew for a SkinnyMint photoshoot. Can we just say how lucky they are?

Aside from a private dock on one side and a stunning white sand beach on the other, luxuriate in your own private pools, deluxe suites, and Antonio Loupi bathrooms in Farniente and Dolce Vita. For the understated who seek solace in a slightly more low-key haven, Lazy Bay rests alongside a private and secured ocean-access creek.

To date, Staniel Rents has housed a number of famous names, including actor Simon Rex and multiple championship NBA player and coach Kurt Rambis.

From jet skiing to an untouched island, to swimming with the sting rays, nurse sharks and the pigs, this lush sanctuary is heaven on earth.

When you’re not savouring the splendid oceanic views from your suite, jet ski to an untouched island and enjoy a private, intimate meal. From swimming with the sting rays, nurse sharks and the pigs (yes, swimming pigs), and snorkeling in the reefs to feeding the iguanas and indulging in a hearty lunch on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, this lush sanctuary is heaven on earth. Our SkinnyMint babes did just that, and boy did they have fun on the job. Jealous!

With these three swanky vacation homes under its belt, Staniel Rents is pure luxury living at its best.

Lazy Bay

Lazy Bay exudes old-time villa charm fully equipped with everything you need for a lavish cottage stay.

Consisting of a “Main House” and a “Cottage”, Lazy Bay exudes old-time villa charm (captured beautifully by the wooden cathedral ceiling) fully equipped with everything you need for a lavish cottage stay. The “Main House” features one bedroom, two full bathrooms, and a wrap-around deck and dock all under a 1,200 square foot property. Rent this alone or in combination with the “Cottage”, a 450 square foot hideaway with an additional bedroom and en suite bathroom.

Sprawled across the deck overlooking the dock and creek are a welcoming array of lounge furniture, outdoor dining table and gas grill. You’ll be sure to relax and unwind and you’ll be well tucked away in this home-from-home villa for a much-needed quality, unhurried R&R.


With plenty of living space to play with, this exclusive villa is a sight to behold.

Located on Staniel Cay’s elite Ocean Ridge, Farniente marries the grandeur of European design with the accents of island living to deliver an unparalleled top-notched villa experience like no other. With plenty of living space to play with — we’re talking 5,000 square feet indoors and another 6,000 square feet outdoors — this exclusive villa is a sight to behold.

Expect to see only the most premium quality construction features, including Italian furniture and marble, Antonio Lupi bathrooms, Miele kitchen and more. With a full-time caretaker, be prepared to be whisked into an idyllic dream.

Dolce Vita

The newest kid on the block, Dolce Vita fronts Staniel Cay’s finest.

The newest kid on the block, Dolce Vita fronts Staniel Cay’s finest. Completed in 2014, Dolce Vita showcases world-class construction features just like her sister home, Farniente, and offers an overwhelming indulgence far beyond your wildest dreams. Designed to house up to 12 people, Dolce Vita flaunts a spacious 9,000 square feet indoors, inclusive of five bedroom suites, and 4,000 square feet of decking over two levels. Definitely a nirvana for the discerning tastemakers.

SkinnyMint babe France Duque indulging in her stay at Dolce Vita. (Pictures reposted from Instagram user Franceduque)

No questions why we’re having a major envy moment over SkinnyMint babe France Duque‘s stay at Dolce Vita. Add a full-time caretaker and a personal chef (you’ll need to arrange for private chef services), and you’re ready to take on this out-of-this-world establishment in style and sophistication. Is this what (holiday) dreams are made of? We certainly think so.

Tempted to check into one of these luxurious homes on your upcoming vacation? Head over to Staniel Rents to find out more.

(Pictures courtesy of Staniel Rents and Gremly Media.)

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