The dos and don’ts of teatoxing

You asked, we answered. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do on a teatox.

“Should I drink my Night Cleanse Tea every night? Can I teatox while I’m on my period?” We answered the questions that many of you have been asking about the SkinnyMint teatox to get you ready for your first 28-Day Ultimate Teatox program. Scroll down to discover the dos and don’ts of teatoxing.

DO eat your meals regularly. DON’T skip your meals with a teatox.

A teatox is not a diet or meal replacement. (Pictures reposted from Instagram users Milenalesecret, Entre_dois)

Again, we cannot stress this enough — a teatox is not a diet or meal replacement. Instead of skipping your regular meals entirely, the only thing that we’d encourage you to change is what your meals comprise of. Learn how to avoid the junk food trap and embrace clean eating, that means lots of fruits and greens, lean meats and good carbs. After all, the purpose of your teatox is to rid your body of the unhealthy gunk.

DO have a Morning Boost cuppa every day. DON’T have a Night Cleanse cuppa every night (depending on your body).

The Morning Boost Tea revs your metabolism rates and keeps you energised all day, while the Night Cleanse Tea works to cleanse and relax the body. (Pictures reposted from Instagram users Criscalatrava, Yancy)

If you love your Morning Boost Tea and want to drink it any time during the day, go for it! The Morning Boost Tea is an all-natural fruity herbal blend that revs your metabolism rates and keeps you energized all day. You don’t need your coffee to perk yourself up anymore — the Morning Boost Tea is a more wholesome alternative that contains ca. 80 per cent caffeine.

Also an all-natural herbal concoction, the Night Cleanse Tea is a stronger brew that works to cleanse and relax the body. We recommend that you drink this every other night, especially after a heavy indulgence, to help you flush out your guilt the following morning as it contains a natural laxative.

Now, it’s important to note that this is a powerful blend so you might be visiting the bathroom more often. But if, in the unlikely case, you experience diarrhea, giddiness, vomiting or severe cramping, stop consumption immediately and consult your doctor.

DO drink your SkinnyMint teas on your period. DON’T teatox when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

The Morning Boost Tea serves as a yummy alternative to coffee while the Night Cleanse Tea is equipped with soothing properties.

When you’re on your period, you’ll most likely suffer from the infamous food cravings, cramps or bloating. That’s when you’ll find the benefits of your SkinnyMint teatox come into play. The Morning Boost Tea serves as a yummy alternative to coffee, while the Night Cleanse Tea is equipped with soothing properties.

If you’re pregnant or are currently breastfeeding, we recommend that you do not teatox during this period. Our teas are designed to give you maximum detox results and could be overpowering for your little one.

DO take a rest in between teatox program. DON’T teatox 24/7, 365 days a year.

Take a four to six weeks break in between teatox to allow your body to rest and readjust after each detox.

The 28-Day Ultimate Teatox is a 28-day program and is not intended for long term use. We advise that you take a four to six weeks break in between each teatox to allow your body to rest and readjust after each detox. The divine goodness of the Morning Boost Tea, on the other hand, can be drunk any time for a steady stream of energy throughout your day.

DO savor the delicious taste of your SkinnyMint blends. DON’T down them like another detox tea.

We not only make our tea effective, we also make darn sure that they taste exceptionally good. (Pictures reposted from Instagram users Sheridynfisher, Melwitharosee)

Our full-flavored Morning Boost Tea is a fruity tea mix that infuses Guarana fruit, Yerba Mate and Green Tea. The Night Cleanse Tea combines Lemongrass, Ginger and Orange Leaves to reveal a calming, earthy flavor that warms up and soothes your body.

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on here at SkinnyMint, it’s that we not only make our tea effective, we also make darn sure that they taste exceptionally good. We drink our SkinnyMint teas as much as you do, so we know that we don’t want to become another detox tea that tastes ‘blah’.

So take time and savor your teas, we promise they taste as good as you’ll feel and look after your 28-Day Ultimate Teatox program.

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Detox & Cleanse June 24, 2015

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  1. It says that it could alter the effectiveness of your contraceptive pill- is it actually proven to do that, or are the effects unknown so they just post it as a warning? Thanks!

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